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Our First Family Halloween

     2015 brought us our first Family Halloween. Ashley and I have always had fun at Halloween spending time with our families and friends, attending functions with music, food, and fun games. We’ve dressed up, danced, ate too much candy and soda, and scared too many of our younger siblings friends. As fun as all that has been, we’ve always looked forward to the day we could hang all that up, and just simply take our kids trick or treating. This year finally brought us that simple want, and it was so much fun!    As soon as the kids woke up from their nap around 430 pm, we started getting them in their little costumes. This year, we picked the theme of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. All my girls got dressed up in their riding hood costumes, and I made the group complete in my fashionable Wolf costume that Ash searched high and low for. Just getting ready for the night was fun in and of itself!    We then loaded up in the car to head up to Ashley’s sister’s house for warm soups, trick or treating, and some fun and games! The food was incredible, as was there home they had all set up as a haunted house. They had a ghost you could see moving in the front window, a werewolf roaming the rooftop, a haunted garage, and of course, plenty of candy to be handed out!    After a quick bite to eat, we loaded the girls up in their little wagon to make the rounds trick or treating. Little did the neighbors know, we were coming after all their candy! 4 little baskets at each doorstep! The girls certainly cleaned up! Too bad for them, they don’t eat sugar yet, so mom and dad’s sweet tooth was very satisfied this weekend.        We made it up and down 2 streets before the girls started to get a little chilly. We were in a large group with many of the girls cousins, as well as aunts and uncles and grandparents. We had quite a little gathering moving from door to door!    We finally made our way back to Aunt Whitney’s haunted house just in time to get the girls changed into their skelly pajamas and fed some dinner! Gerber carrots! Yum!! At this point, it was about 730 and the girls started showing signs of being tired; mainly by screaming bloody murder in all of our ears!    We loaded up our wagon, and the troops and headed home to get the girls tucked in! By the time we got them all inside and out of their car seats, they were looking for a bottle and their crib! Needless to say, they went down pretty easily that night! Overall, Halloween 2015 was a success with many fun memories and of course, many “Firsts”! We had so much fun dressing our little miracles up and really just enjoying the night with family and friends!


 We had one more surprise when we got home. We had invited all my brothers and sisters over for a little Halloween party after the kids went to sleep, and my brother and his wife showed up dressed as the Gardners! It was hilarious! We all laughed for quite a while. What a great Halloween night with lots of fun memories!  We hope you all had a Happy Halloween as well! -Tyson