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Our Happiness Has Only Grown From This Moment

I came across this picture today on my Facebook page and immediately flashed back to that day in the hospital room. I remember it vividly. Ashley and I were having a quiet afternoon all to ourselves in her corner room of the hospital. Thanksgiving was over and we were looking forward to Christmas, and of course the delivery of our babies. We had no idea when they were going to come, we were just trying to stay rested and keep them inside as long as we could. This day was a happy day for us. I remember Ashley mustering her strength to get out of bed and over by the window so we could get a good picture of us together with good lighting. I ended up snapping several pictures as we stood there looking out the window at the fresh winter scene on display. I remember being so happy. We both were. So excited for what was yet to come. There was always questions on our mind, but our mindset was always positive, happy and excited. I’m thankful for the people in our lives at that time who continuously fed that emotion, and worked with us to make everything what it was, and what it became.

As I look back on that day, and at these two people, I laugh a little at their innocence and lack of experience. At the same time, I think it was that same innocence that allowed us to keep our frame of minds while going through such an awesome ordeal so quickly. Life is an amazing thing, and I always find amazement in the lessons learned along the way. I am especially intrigued when reflecting on moments like this looking at how far these two people have come from where they were. What once was two is now six. What once was lacking is now fulfilled. What once was questioned, is now answered. What once was hard, has now been made easy.

I am thankful for pictures like this one. They remind me of moments in my life that were so important, and always will be. Nothing will ever take them away from us; not even time.

Today, I’m grateful for this memory. Seeing this one simple picture has opened up a drawer full of memories and happiness. Its amazing to me to look back at how happy we were in that picture, and know perfectly that it only got better. What kind of world is that?  I can honestly say that as happy as we were in that photo, it has only grown from the love that we were able to bring into our home.

I thank my Father in Heaven for his trust and love for me. I am grateful for my savior Jesus Christ and his perfect example of love and compassion he showed for me. I know that this happiness I speak of is what they want for me, and each of you. Trough our Heavenly Fathers Plan, and our Saviors atonement, we can all be blessed to have eternal happiness. I am grateful for that knowledge.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I love you all! Thank you for loving me and my family!