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Personality Update-Esme

We had so much fun reading all of your comments and feedback on Indie yesterday! Thank you so much for the love and support you constantly show our family! Our girls are so blessed to have all of you in their lives! Today, we continue with personality updates, and I get to tell you all about Esme Jane Gardner!!

Esme Jane Gardner-

Nicknames-Sezzy, Sezzy Ezzy, Sezzy Monster, Shmee, Shmeegal, Shmeegy.

Favorite Song- Halloween Haunted House Song (currently), If You’re Happy and You Know It

Favorite Toy- Bentley’s Squeak Toy

Words she can say- Hi,  Mama, Dada, Baby, Uh Oh, Uppy,  

Our Color We Associate Her With- Purple

This girl is all personality! Although we feel Indie’s personality has grown the most over the past 6 months, Esme has had personality since day one! Esme is our resident comedian! She has been making faces since she first learned how to smile! There is never a dull moment when Esme is around, because she is always moving! She is probably our most “on-the-go” baby, meaning she keeps us constantly on the go chasing after her!

Esme has the same amount of teeth as Pie, 14! Shocking considering they are twins, right! Her dental visit was also perfect, although, she cried the most with the doctor. I think it was because she was the first to sit in the chair, and got a little nervous! Once she got the toothbrush, she was all smiles! She loves to brush her teeth!

Esme is very sneaky and smart. She will study all of her sisters contemplating her next moves. If they have a toy she wants, she will sneak up beside them slowly, and snatch the toy quickly at the opportune moment. I’ve seen this happen several times. She thinks ahead!

Esme has an incredible bond with Indie. They get along so well most of the time! The only times they don’t get along is when Esme is pesting her poor sister. Although it is no fun for Indie, I really think Esme is just trying to show Indie how much she loves her! They will stay up before bed and just talk to each other before falling asleep. In our old house, their cribs were so close, they would pass binkies, bottles and books back and forth to each other, all the while laughing. It was so fun to watch on the baby monitor.

Esme is our second oldest, by literally seconds, but on most days, it seems she’s leading the pack. I think this is because she is just so curious and active, the other girls tend to follow her around sometimes.

Esme loves most foods, but especially fruit and bread! If she doesn’t want something, she is the best at shaking her head no vehemently! Its quite comical!

Esme’s middle name comes from her cousin, Stella Jane. Ashley nannied Stella while we going through infertility. She obviously has an impact on Ashley, hence Esme’s middle name!

Esme has the sweetest and cutest laugh. It is so pure, you could literally listen to it for hours. Sometimes I tickler her on purpose just to hear her laugh! Its soothing!

Esme loves to share. She even recognizes that word. Whenever I ask her to “share with dad,” she never hesitates to hold out her hand with whatever she is holding. She has gotten really good at sharing with her sisters as well.  This part of her personality also ties back to the TTTS surgery. During that time, it was Esme who was giving all her nutrients to Indie, getting nothing back in return. Who wouldn’t want a sister like that! It makes me cry every time I think of that! I hope this characteristic grows and develops immensely!

Esme’s favorite time of the day is our Wagon ride. She loves to go outside! Since she is so active, I know she’s just trying to figure out ways to get out into the big outside world and explore more. She loves collecting leaves on the ride, and tearing them into a million pieces! She loves to look around at all the colors, and you can tell she appreciates the beauty of mother nature.

Esme loves to visit her Grandma’s house because there is so much to explore in her big, open yard! I think she also knows she gets spoiled at Grandmas!

Esme could find a needle in a haystack! I can clean the house for hours; vacuum, dust, fold laundry, put everything in its place, and when she gets up, she’ll trot around the living room for seconds and bring me back a BB from a BB Gun. This literally happened one day at my moms house.

Esme is definitely a Daddy’s girl. She will definitely love on both of us during the day, but if its the middle of the night, and she wakes up crying, she wants her Daddy!

Esme makes the most faces. She has the hashtag “Esmefaces” on Instagram because of her funny faces. I recommend you check them out!

Esme loves loves loves books! Out of all of our girls, Esme loves to read the most! She is the only one currently who we can give big kid books to; you know, the ones with real pages that babies rip. She will just sit there and look at all the pictures and try and figure out whats going on. It is amazing to watch her love of books!

Esme also loves music and dancing. Although Pie is our resident dancer with all the moves, Esme is catching up quickly! She also loves her Daddy’s music taste of all things 80s, so that is a definite plus!

Esme does not chew like her twin, but she has been our only biter so far, and she only has one reoccurring victim, Evie. Im pretty sure its because Evie is usually trying to bully her way into something. Esme can hold her own!

Esme has her favorites in the family, although im not going to say who. Its pretty self-evident when they are around.

Esme has always been our wild child, but she has a soft side. Her voice is very soft and sweet and counters her active and curious actions. She loves to smile and interact with others. She is probably our least shy baby, especially with new people. She loves to meet and get to know a new face, which ties back into her curious personality. She loves to climb and explore, and isn’t afraid of much of anything. We know the years ahead with Esme will be filled with adventure and are blessed to call her our daughter. I know she will teach us more than we can ever teach her!


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