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Personality Update-Evangeline

The last of the personality updates for this month! It has been so fun writing down all my thoughts and memories of the girls, but at the same time, I feel like I leave so much out after I’m all finished! They grow so fast and there’s always something new to put in here, but I guess that leaves room for future blogs! Todays Blog is all about our Evie girl!

Evangeline Faith Gardner-

Nicknames-Evie, Hebber, Heber the Heber, Lishy, Liscious, Squishy Lishy.

Favorite Song-Twinkle Twinkle or Wheels on the Bus.

Favorite Toy- Her Shopping Cart!

Words she can say- Same as Scarlett, a lot, but its in their own language! LOL

Our color we associate her with-Mint or Turquoise


Evangeline is our emotional baby. Whether its having a complete meltdown or laughing and smiling, her emotions are always heightened! She’s really been like this from very early on. As a father, its been interesting to see the broad range of emotions in a 10 minute span. I see these emotions as a good thing though, because when she’s upset, she wants to be cuddled, and when she’s happy, she wants to be cuddled, so its a win/win!

Evie has kind of swayed towards Scarlett’s “Stranger Danger” phase lately. She really doesn’t like new people, and will only go to us and her favorite family members. She is really hesitant about others, even crying sometimes when they try to sneak a squeeze or hug in!

Evie, like Esme, loves to read books. She has her favorites too! There is one about an owl that she always picks up if its in the room, and she loves her new pumpkin book one of our awesome followers sent her. I think I read it 10 times in a row to her yesterday! She just kept throwing it back in my face every time I tried to hand it back to her. A girl that knows what she wants and doesn’t settle for “all done”.

Evie is one of our best eaters. She loves fruit just like the other girls, but also pasta, bread, veggies, and cheese and yogurt! She doesn’t really like potatoes; none of the girls really do. This is odd because Ash and I love them!

Evie has a duel personality. She can be so sweet and soft, especially when she just wakes up from naps. She’ll snuggle you for 20 minutes before even attempting to go play with her sisters. This is my favorite time with her. Then there’s the bully side of her. She hasn’t quite learned the concept of sharing. If Ash or I is reading a book to her, and one of the other girls comes up to see whats going on, she’ll push them away. When I give all the girls little treats, and ask them to give Daddy a bite, they all hold out their treat and put them in my mouth, except Evie; she’ll hold it out, then when I get close pop it in her own mouth. Its more cute than anything right now, but we’re working on the sharing thing with the sisters.

Evie’s middle name is Faith. Our logic in this is quite evident and real. Our infertility struggle over an 8 year span ending with miracle of quadruplets really showed us what faith can do. Faith not only taught us many incredible and life-long lessons, faith also blessed our lives forever. Because of our faith, we have our miracles. Evangeline Faith just sounded perfect to us.

Evie is our youngest baby by mere seconds. She is also our biggest baby and has always held that title. Its so interesting that she is the youngest and biggest, and Pie is the oldest and smallest. Funny how things work out!

Evie is very smart. She picks things up quickly. When we show her how to do something, she has it figured out in minutes. She loves to learn new things, and we know she’s going to do something great with her life!

Evie is very strong. If she has something in her hand and I try to take it away, she puts up a fight, and has quite the death grip! She also knows she’s stronger than the other girls and demonstrates this strength daily. Because of this, Esme has been forced to defend herself often, and Evie has wound up with several bite marks on her arms as a result. You’d think that it would phase her, but the last time I caught it happening, Evie didn’t even flinch.

Evie has the same amount of teeth as Scarlett, 6. She does have her 4 molars coming in now, and imagine it wont be long until they are all the way down! Her first dental check-up was a success, and she loved the magic chair that went up and down!

Evie has the cutest little walk. When she’s in a hurry she’ll sway her arms back and forth like a little gorilla. We’ve caught it on camera a few times, luckily, so we can enjoy remembering how she was for years to come!

Evie was our first baby to come home from the NICU. She was tolerating her feeding the best and her oxygen levels were ahead of the others. She got 4 whole days with her parents all to herself!

Evie loves her Uncles. I think they remind her of her daddy, and she is definitely a daddy’s girl. When they come over, she’ll read with them, snuggle with them, and let them tickle her. She’ll jump right in their lap with her book of choice and they know that’s what they’ll be doing for the next 20 minutes! I’m pretty sure she’s the reason they are all baby hungry! She also has a favorite, can you tell who?

Evie’s smile is contagious. She usually has her serious face on, so when she flashes that big smile through her gorgeous lips, you can’t help but smile back.

Evie also loves the camera crew, and really has a fascination with the camera itself. They usually let her help film. I think she’s done a great job so far!

Evie loves to snuggle with her minky blanket. If you wrap her up and put her on your chest, she might stay there all day!

Evie loves to dance! Her and Indie were really the first to start shaking their bodies when music was on. Recently I’ve introduced her to my music, and she loves it almost as much as her nursery rhymes! George Michael is her favorite so far!

Evie loves Bentley. She was really the first girl to notice him, and generally is pretty soft and lovable with him. Sometimes he’ll just go lay right up next to her looking for a little “soft” love.

Evie and Scarlett remind me a lot of me and my brothers growing up. We fought like cats and dogs, but were best friends. We were competitive about everything, but loyal to each other. We’d have no problem duking it out with each other, but if anybody else tried to hurt one of us, they had to deal with all of us. These two remind me so much of growing up with their bond they share. It has been special to watch!

Evie loves her Binky. Out of all the girls, given the choice between a bottle or binky, she’d be the only one to choose the binky. When she puts in in her mouth, she rubs the little wub-a-nub animal on her cheek. Its so cute!!

Evie takes after her Daddy in most aspects. She’s kind of a bully, she’s the biggest and strongest, she’s very emotional, she does what she wants, and she loves George Michael. Pretty simple to me! LOL

Evie has been an absolute angel of a daughter. She loves to play, go outside for wagon rides, eat grapes, read books, snuggle with family, and help dad cook! She is very curious, yet reserved about it. She takes action, and knows what she wants. Although she’s our youngest baby, she’s definitely a leader. Her personality is really blossoming right now, and I can wait to update you over the next few months on all the new things she’s learned and is doing. Evie has been a blessing in our lives and we couldn’t imagine this life or the next without her!


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