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Personality Update-Indie

The girls are growing at such an incredible rate, and they get smarter every day! Their personalities are really developing and we are seeing them now more than ever as their own unique individual. I wanted to share with you all some of their fun personality traits and a few fun pictures! Ill update you on one girls per day over the next four days. Today, lets start with Indie!

Indie Mae Gardner-

Nicknames: Pie, Pie High, Indie Pie Hundred, Pumpkin Face, Pot Pie, Pumpkin Pie.

Favorite Song: John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith, and If You’re Happy and You Know It.

Favorite Toy: The Donut from their Kitchen set.

Words she can say: Oh No, All Done, Bath, Cracker, Mama, Dada, Puppy, Thank You, Up, Car and Treat to name a few.

Our Color We Associate Her With: Pink

Indie’s personality has grown the most since my last update! She is so spunky and friendly. She smiles the most out of all the girls and has caught up to Esme with facial expressions.

Indie knows the most words out of the quads, or at least she says them the most. She is very smart and can usually mimic most words that you sit and practice with her.

Indie has the most teeth out of the quads with 14! At her last dental visit, she did excellent and all 14 looked healthy and strong!

Indie is our oldest, and probably our most vocal! We think that she knows she’s the oldest and most days has to remind her sisters who’s really in charge. She took charge in the womb at the bottom position holding everybody in, and she takes charge in life never letting her sisters forget she’s got them beat my mere seconds.

Indie is our smallest baby and has been from the start. The pediatrician says this will probably be the case for life. Although she is our smallest, she has a fierce passion for life. Her friendly and welcoming facial expressions tell you that she is our happiest baby. She is very content being a quadruplet, and usually has no problem sharing. On the other hand, if one of her sisters thinks they can use their size to dominate her, she will put them in their place very quick!

Indie gets along with all of her sisters and interacts very well. We see her laughing and playing with Scarlett and Evie often, but she definitely shares a unique bond with Esme; her twin. We don’t know if this has been the case since the beginning, or because they share a nursery and spend so much time together. Im sure it will be a question we debate for years to come.

Indie gets her middle name from my grandmother, Edna Mae; my moms mother. She was also very Independent,  fierce and passionate about life; but also the most caring, giving and loving person you could meet. All of the qualities you would want your child to have. When we named Indie just before her TTTS surgery, grandmothers personality definitely played a part! We knew were facing an uphill climb, and figured it didn’t hurt naming her after someone who didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘fail’.  It seemed to have worked.

Indie’s favorite time of the day is Bath time. When Ashley or I say “Bath”, she continually repeats it all the way up the stairs until she’s in the tub. She loves to take a bath!

Indie’s favorite food is fruit! She loves Strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, watermelon, and especially grapes! Her second favorite food would probably be vegetable beef soup.

Indie loves music and loves to dance. We recently set up our piano, and it is always a happy time for her to get up and bang on the keys. She recently even got one her size and we’re hoping this love of music continues on for years to come!

Indie is our chewer. Since teething, she has chewed on almost everything she can get her hands on. Unfortunately this has included her crib. She chewed right through the wood one night, we initially didn’t know what happened. We finally had to put bumpers on all parts of the wood that were appetizing to her. Also a bond her and Esme share is chewing through their bottle nipples. These two have the most teeth, and they use them. Between the two of them, they’ve chewed through several nipples and binkies. We’re getting very close to sippy cup training at night. Although she loves to chew, she has never been a biter.

Indie loves to go on stroller rides, slides at the park, and definitely grandmas house to explore the yard! Recently she has really enjoyed collecting leaves on our morning walks.

Indie is very obedient and usually comes to Ashley and I both when we call for her. She loves to give kisses, and usually will give you two or three before she is done.

Indie is our fighter. We believe one of the reasons we have all of our girls is her determination to overcome the obstacles and odds. Something as serious and frightening as TTTS(Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome) couldn’t deter this girl from coming here to earth. Yet as strong as she has been through all of our early trials, she is one of the sweetest and happiest babies I’ve ever know. We are lucky to call her our daughter and cherish every moment spent with this happy, spunky, strong, beautiful miracle!


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