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Personality Update-Scarlett

Its so interesting reading all of your comments about the girls! Whats even more interesting is that most of you have a favorite Quad!! This totally cracks us up! We seriously love you all! Today the blog is all about our Scarlett!

Scarlett Elizabeth Gardner-

Nicknames- Scarley Barley, Barles in Charge, Lettie.

Favorite Song- Little Snowflake.

Favorite Toy-Legos and Building Blocks

Words She Can Say-She says a lot of words, we just cant understand any of them! LOL.

Our Color we associate her with-Blue or Red

Scarlett is our most shy baby. It takes her a while to warm up to new people. She has her favorites of people she knows, and rarely lets others get too close. 

Scarlett has the sweetest smile. Every time you make eye contact with her, instead of saying a word, she’ll just flash her shy smile at you and turn her bashful head. Its the cutest thing!

Scarlett and Evie have the least amount of teeth, with 6. Their molars are breaking the skin right now, and almost in with will make 10! Way different from their shark sisters!

Scarlett’s personality overall is very sweet and shy. With adults, she can be bashful and shy, but this doesn’t carry over with her sisters. She is very sneaky with her sisters, and usually likes to tease them by taking a toy and playing keep away. She can also be very loud when around her sisters, and usually you can hear her yelling or shouting in her own foreign baby language. I just wish i could understand what she was saying.

Scarlett and Evie, unlike Indie and Esme, usually are fighting over the same toy. There are many times when they laugh and play together well, but many times where I’m having to separate them because they’re fighting over the same thing! I can see some competitiveness in the future!

Scarlett’s personality is a lot like her Daddy! She is very organized. When she plays with her blocks, she stacks them all together in a nice neat pile before she starts playing with them. She is also very clean! When the girls are done eating, 3 of them are always a mess, but Scarlett looks like she didn’t even handle any of the food! I love it!

Scarlett has a playful side to her personality. Sometimes her and Esme will gang up on the others teasing, or leading them off into trouble, like climbing on the kitchen table! These two actually get along really well. Of the sets of twins, these two mix the best and the most often! She also loves to play hide and seek with her sisters, another part of her playful side!

Scarlett’s favorite foods are fruit, turkey, bread, and cheese! She hates cantaloupe, but loves most other fruits. She tolerates most meats, but absolutely loves turkey! She also loves marshmallows and crackers!

Scarlett’s middle name came from Ashley’s middle name. We knew we wanted to give one of the girls Ashley’s middle name, and Scarlett Elizabeth just sounded perfect!

We know Scarlett is very smart because she talks all the time; we just haven’t learned her language yet. Although we don’t speak Scarlett, it is so cute to sit and listen to her ramble on about whatever she’s thinking. She looks you right in the eye when she’s talking to just to make sure you understand. I wonder if she knows we don’t? 

Scarlett’s favorite time of the day is the morning. She’s usually one of the first up, just sitting and chatting to Evie in her bed. She’s really happy in the morning, and loves getting out of her crib to go explore once again!

Scarlett loves her Aunt Hugsy. I think Hugsy kind of spoils her, but she loves to cuddle and love on her Hugsy. This can be a bad thing however; if Hugsy is here at night and puts Scarlett down, she’ll just cry because she knows Hugsy will come save her and let her out of her crib!

Out of all the girls, i think Scarlett is the least interested in music and tv. Usually when we put a show on, the other three will be interested for most of the show, but Scarlett would rather be reading or playing with her toys. 

Scarlett loves her Daddy’s kisses and squeezes. Ashley thinks they are a little rough sometimes, but Scarlett loves them! She loves my beard and always giggles when i give her kisses! She loves Daddy snuggles!

Out of all the girls, Scarlett is the most girly girl! Her mother is just waiting of the day they can do shopping sprees together! She reminds me so much of Ashley with the way she likes to be shown love. She loves getting her back tickled, loves to be held, and loves physical touch. Definitely traits passed down by her mother! She also loves to walk around with clothing in her hands, sorting it and just carrying it around. A shopping diva I have on my hands!

Although she doesn’t like most strangers, she loves the camera crew! Im not sure if she’s fascinated with the equipment, or just got used to them being around!

Scarlett always has the best little model poses. This was the case since  in the womb. We were always able to get a perfect profile on Scarlett, and she makes sure of that today!

Scarlett doesn’t like to be rushed. She takes her time with most things. She’s usually the last to finish eating. When we go outside to play, she doesn’t dart off, but carefully decides what she wants to explore. She usually surveys the room before she makes a decision; whether its picking which person she is going to go to , or which toy she is going to go after. Theres always a thought process.

Scarlett was our first baby to make a trip to the ER. Unfortunately I caught her finger in the hinge side of our bathroom door trying to ward the others from entering the front side. Her poor fingertip was hanging by a thread, but luckily, they did a great job sewing it back together, and there is full hope that it will heal back to 100%! I think the ordeal was more traumatic on Ashley and I than it was on Scarlett. She went about her business the very next day like nothing had happened. Dad on the other hand jumps out of his chair now every time he hears a door open!

Scarlett has the most beautiful color of eyes! None of our kids got our coloring, but they all have a mixed color of our blue and brown. 

Scarlett loves being outside, picking flowers, collecting leaves and going on wagon rides. She doesn’t like care rides, loud places, and doesn’t really pay much attention to Bentley either.  Scarlett has been such a sweet daughter and we are incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to be her parents!


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