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Picking Out The Christmas Tree


Picking out the Christmas Tree has always been one of my favorite holiday traditions! Even thought I grew up with simple means, my family always made it a point to get fresh cut tree for Christmas! It was always so magical to all of us kids. Loading up as a family to got pick the perfect tree. Running up and down the rows until mom decided on the right one; and if we were lucky, picking the one we thought was the best! The fun didn’t end there as we would rush home to decorate the tree as a family. I always loved seeing all the ornaments from years past that brought back so many memories of what had been, now to be placed on the new tree to collect another year of memories. Christmastime was always the best time of childhood!

Remembering all of those moments and memories made Ashley and I so excited this year to make some of the same with our small family! Last year was magical as it was the girls first Christmas, but this year marks a new milestone as the girls are so interactive, we actually get to see their emotion and excitement to everything going on around them!

Gearing up to head to the Christmas Tree lot got me so excited, I had to get out my “cousin Eddie” hat for the occasion. LOL. This hat is actually a Russian hat my brother brought me back from his mission. I am very proud of it, and it keeps me very warm!

Mom was also so excited, especially to get the kids all dolled up in their winter gear to head out into the cold to pick the perfect tree! Getting them ready was almost as fun as picking out this tree!

Luckily, we captured this special picture that we can always go back and look at and remember this day! I love it so much!

We called in back up to search for the tree, as we wanted to let the girls roam free and help pick out the right one. Madison, Oakland, and Garrison were happy to meet us at the tree lot to pick out the girls official second Christmas tree!

It was so exciting and magical watching the girls walk up and down the tree paths just exploring. Of course they had no clue what was going on, just happy to be outside exploring new terrain. All of us were just soaking up the Christmas spirit and miracle of watching quadruplets search for a Christmas Tree. We truly are blessed!

After finding the right tree, we loaded the girls back in the car to get warm again, and the crew loaded our new Christmas Tree onto the car!

That early Saturday morning was just the beginning of our Christmas season that already has been so magical and blessed. I am so grateful for the memories I now get to make with my own children, and I hope someday they write a blog or journal entry expressing their thoughts and feelings of picking out the perfect Christmas tree with their family and how special it was to them!


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