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Pokémon Go Live with The Quads


So Ashley had an idea the other day to play a live game of Pokémon Go, with a twist. The twist was that the girls would become the Pokémon, and we would be the trainers collecting them!

We had to search high and low to find backpacks that we thought would be good for the live game, and also something the girls would love and play with. We finally found the ones we had in mind at a Hot Topic.

The girls loved the backpacks from the start, and even let us put them on them without any fuss.

As we took them to the wide open field we were going to film on, we knew the girls were going to love running around the field with mom and dad. They love being outside!

We had a great time chasing the girls around, and they thought it was pretty cool that mom and dad let them roam free on the field, and also ran around with them!

It looks from the picture below, that the girls ran dad a little too hard!

Make sure to check out the fun video Ashley put together that I’ve posted below!




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