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So yet again we did another pulse ox on Monday and we have been patiently awaiting the results today!!!! I got a call from Dr. Mumford (the girls pediatrician) about 1:30pm today! He then gave me the amazing news!!! Both girls passed!!!! WE OFFICIALLY HAVE 4 CORDLESS BABIES!!!!!! We couldn’t be more excited right now!!! So like you all already know that when the girls pass I do a little photo shoot with them to celebrate their big day!!! So here are some super cute pictures I just took of the girls!




We have officially graduated up to 0-3 month clothing for all the girls except Indie, although this outfit on Indie is a 0-3 month because it was just so cute I couldn’t resist!




I love these little ones so much my heart explodes every time I see them!





Good job my beautiful girls!!! I’m so proud of your amazing progress during your short journey in this life! We thank our Father in Heaven everyday for this and for each and every individual blessing we have received! We are going to have so much fun together!


So, we had the girls first official photo shoot in a studio yesterday and it was madness! hahah but so much fun!! The babies did amazing and Loni was incredible with them! It took 6 hours because we were going at the girls pace to make them as comfortable and calm as possible! As you can imagine it is no easy task to photograph 4 infants but Loni was so professional and patient! Follow her page on Facebook here to get the latest and greatest brand new photos of the Gardner girls and Co. She is spending her time editing them all to perfection at this point so be patient!! It will be worth the wait!!! I am so excited!!!

Here are the sneak peek photos she has posted so far! I’m in love with them!!!


Babies from left to right Evangeline, Scarlett, Indie and Esme


Daddy and Baby Evie





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