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Q&A’s for March 2019

Oh its been too long since we’ve done one of these! Its time to get back on the saddle! We so enjoyed reading all of your wonderful questions! We picked several from todays post that we will now answer! Here you go!

  1. How do the two of you resolve disagreements, especially about child rearing?

This has been one of the most difficult variables for Ashley and I as the girls have gotten older and more decision making comes into play, ill be honest. Every parent has an idea of a good way to do something. That being said, we were all raised in different households with different rules and love languages. Ashley and I are no different. We were raised in completely different homes as far as boundaries, rules, communication are concerned. This has made it very interesting while raising our own children, but not impossible! Without writing a novel about this one, the most important thing for Ash and I when making decisions together is doing what is best for the kids. When we do have a disagreement, we can usually talk it out and communicate our feelings to each other, and come to a rational decision about what is best for the kids. Now we’re not perfect (especially me, I tend to stray from that line), but we try our best to be our best for each other and the children. I think that when we truly love someone, we tend to want what’s best for them. This in turn takes our attention away from our own wants and desires and focuses them on the person we care for. When we care for someone, it makes it easy to want to agree with them, to want to find that common ground, and want to move forward together. One last note, Ashley and I knew what we wanted for our family before we married. We had similar dreams and goals. I believe finding someone who you share those ideals with surely makes marriage and parenting easier.

2. How’s Indie doing?

See blog here!

3. What’s your favorite family trip you’ve taken the girls on so far?

Definitely Disney Aulani in Hawaii! That was such a magical journey for the whole family! One of my favorite memories was watching the girls experience the ocean for the first time. They were mesmerized. When the waves would come in and creep over their feet, you could just see their senses overwhelmed with excitement. Scarlett really took the ocean that trip. She bonded with it, and began an instant love with it. I remember her constantly trying to swim away from whoever was holding her trying to go farther out into the water. It was like she was Moana! Meeting Mickey, enjoying the beach, the Hawaiian culture, the food, the family photos; all of it just made for one vacation that we’ll never forget!

4. Were you friends with Nanny Ash before you hired her?

Yes! We had known her for a couple of years before she became the nanny. She was actually our house cleaner before she was the nanny. We met her through our best friends, Lane and Sam. Ashley was best friends with Lane’s little sister, and had been babysitting Lane and Sam’s kids for years. So when we first knew her, she was kind of their nanny, lol. We were looking to hire some house help, and she told Sam she was interested, so we hired her for that. She was amazing! Over time, Ash kept joking asking her when she was going to quit her other job and just come nanny for us. One day, Nanny Ash asked how serious we were about what we kept joking about. The rest is history. She went from Ashley to Nanny Ash, or Manny Ash as the girls call her.

5. Will you split the girls up in kindergarten?

We want to keep them together as long as we can. So far, with preschool, its been pretty great. Their current teacher has done phenomenal getting to know them individually and telling them apart, so we don’t feel like that will be an issue for future teachers. We also love the idea of them being together. They are a great support to each other, a unit of love and trust. We know that they cant do everything in this life together, but we also know that with time, things will work out how they are supposed to. So we’ll keep them together as long as we can, as long as they’ll let us!

6. What are all the aunts and Uncles names?

Ok, here we go!

Ashley’s side: Whitney and Greg- Kaya

Leslie and Joe – Stella, Max, Sabrina, Alex


Blake – Kinzie, Ayden, Linkin, Dax

Tyson side:

Denver and Joe- Olivia, Easton, Kal

Drake and Claudia-

Bo and Camilla-

Joey and Shannon- Jett, Iver

Jackson and Rachael- Mack

Elijah and Kait- Crew, Shep




Whew! That’s quite a list! And think about it, its still growing, I’m sure of it! ;D

7. What’s it like managing your businesses  while also balancing family life? Any advice to those who hope to own their own businesses in the future?

I really love this question, and that’s why I picked it last! First of all, anyone can own their own business! This was something I didn’t really know before we did. I always thought I had to go to school, get that degree, and work my way up some corporate ladder, or be the top salesman in somebody else’s company. Then we became business owners. All of my ideology went out the window. We were both using all of our talents and abilities making somebody else richer. We were doing all the hard work, working the long hours, traveling, and not seeing any of the benefits. You can be anything you want to be  with hard work and determination, I promise. It was hard making that first leap of faith, I wont lie. We prayed and second-guessed ourselves over and over. Finally the answer was just ringing so loud in both of our ears we just leaped together. The rest is history, or a few chapters in a book I may write someday!

As far as managing your business and balancing family life, its no different that working that desk job. You prioritize things in your life. We get work from home, yes, but we have to set boundaries and limits or else work will overlap family and family will overlap work. You have to be disciplined, scheduled, and willing to do the hard things so that you can enjoy all the good things. Its definitely not a walk in the park, but I’ve never been happier in all my life than I am now, and I know Ashley feels the same.

Also, when you’re building something of your own, you want it more. You may not necessarily work harder, because we both worked hard at our previous jobs, but the incentives you give yourself sure do motivate you, and really drive your goals.

One other blessing about our lifestyle ill share is this: We get to do it together! Now some people couldn’t do this, ill warn you. If some spouses spend too much time in the same room, it may backfire. I know those couples. But you find your balance. Ashley and I are good at knowing our limits, our needs, and our strengths and weaknesses. We know when we need a break, when we need more time together, and when we’ve earned time to play. That didn’t come naturally. Life taught us these lessons. That’s the beautiful thing about life. You never stop learning.

I would encourage anyone wanting to start their own business to take the leap. Do the homework, prepare well, think ahead, but take a chance. Life is only full of so many of them. Don’t let them all pass you by before you realize they’re gone.


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