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Quick Updates On Our Family – March 6th 2017

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to drop a few updates on what the Gardners are up to currently! I am still planning on going into more detail in the personality blogs for our family, as well as the our new home, Doctor and Dentist Updates, Family Vacations, and TLC, so stay tuned for those blogs! This will just be a quick update of what we’ve got on our plates right now!

After a long February, we are all feeling so much better! I think we’ve kicked whatever bug was at our house out the door and down the street! Thank the maker!

Our house plans are coming along great! We’ve had to make some adjustments to the floorplans to meet our custom needs, but the ball is moving now! We meet with the builder today to finalize those plans and send the floorplan to the city! Hopefully we’ll be digging a hole in the next couple of weeks!! Yay!

Ashley’s business Quadruple the Kisses has really taken off over the last few months, and she has been swamped trying to keep up with all of her  new distributors, and sales! This has been a very great thing for our family as it has given us a lot of financial freedom, and also another business for our family to grow and succeed with! We couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity if we tried!

Our first business, A Miracle Unfolding, is also doing very well, and is in the process of a much needed face lift! We are currently finishing our new website, and will be leaving Etsy in hopes of growing our business and developing more products for our growing customer base! Its been such an inspiring process to watch what we started from a room in our house continue to grow and support our family! There’s no limit to what your imagination and hard work can produce!

As most of you know, we vlog daily for our Youtube channel! We absolutely love it! This gives us an opportunity to journal the girls daily growth while capturing all of our memories so we will never forget them! We also get to share that journey with all of you, and we have been blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives who love and support our family for who we are and what we are trying to do!

The blog has probably been our project that suffered the most over the last couple of months due to sickness, holidays, house plans, and of course all of our other projects! Im making it an effort to get at least 20 new blogs up this month with all the details in know you guys enjoy based on previous blogs!

Everybody always asks about show Rattled on TLC. The truth of the matter is, I wish I could give you all the information you want, but I can only give what I have. I can tell you that we have been filming, and that there will be  season 2. As of now, its slated to run this summer and we’re very excited about it! I promise that as I am given more updates about the show promotions and air dates, I will certainly make them available to all of you, our loyal followers!

I want to thank you all for your wonderful love and support! Ashley and I would not be able to do what we do without the incredible support we receive daily from family, friends, and all of you! We plan on having a very fun and successful 2017 and wish the same to all of you!


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