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Remembering 9/11: How Grateful We Are For Our Freedoms

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So many questions went through my head this day 15 years ago. What an incredibly scary day as an American to know your country was under attack. I think what made it so shocking to me was that in my lifetime I had never witnessed anything of this magnitude. It was truly unnerving and terrifying. I started thinking so many things: Where is my family? Where are my Friends? Are these attacks going to continue? Are they going to attack the West Coast? What is the President going to do? Who was in those buildings and planes?

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The thoughts rushed through my head constantly as I watched the incredible images on television that morning. I was only 19 years old at the time, and really had never paid much attention to politics, foreign policy, our military defense, freedom, hatred for our country or even hatred in general. This was something new to me. This was a very eye-opening experience for a young impressionable kid.

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As I watched the day unfold, my family and friends reactions, the country and president’s reactions, I began to have an understanding of something I hadn’t really thought about or noticed before. Something so important, yet overlooked. Something that wasn’t tangible, yet more real than most things I’ve ever known. It was simply “Love for my Country”; and it wasn’t just me grasping this concept, but an entire nation.

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Although the actions and results of that day were heartbreaking, they reminded all of us of the freedoms we posses as Americans and just how precious they are. Evil was and is present in this world, but good will always overcome. Love of our country, freedoms, God and family give us something to stand up and fight for. We can teach our children that having something worth protecting is not only a privilege but a responsibility.

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I am grateful for this choice land that I was born in, America. I am grateful for our forefathers who paved a way for a better life, the best life. I am grateful for a country that allows me the liberties I enjoy so freely to choose what I want to be, how I want to live, and what I want to believe in. I am grateful to be an American. Im thankful for those who have fought and continue to fight protecting these liberties and freedoms. I hope I can instill in my children these truths I have come to know and I hope they can develop a love and passion for this country I love. God Bless America.