The following are resources have helped me along my journey as well as some resources that I wished I had known about. Perhaps you will find them useful and I encourage you to support them and pass the information along! Thanks.


The Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation

If you have followed my story you already know that at 20 weeks the Doctors diagnosed one set of twins with TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome). In a word it was terrifing. I was diagnosed on Monday, flew to Los Angels Tuesday and had life saving surgery performed on Wednesday.

Monday evening my worried Mother searched online to get more information about TTTS, she discovered The Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation, Founded by Mary Slaman. 

My Mom got on the phone 1-800-815-9211 and called Mary directly and was so thankful that she did. Mary was a fountain of information about TTTS. After talking with Mary my Mother knew we had a fighting chance to save my babies.  Mary gave us knowledge (which is power) and hope. We knew what to ask the doctors and what we could expect.

Please repost and pass this TTTS Foundation contact information along you may be helping save some babies.


Infertility Counseling and Support: When and Where to Find It

Infertility is a medical condition that touches all aspects of your life. It may affect your relationships with others, your perspective on life, and how you feel about yourself.

How you deal with these feelings will depend on your personality and life experiences. Most people can benefit from the support of family, friends, medical caregivers, and mental health professionals. When considering infertility treatment options such as sperm, egg, or embryo donation or gestational carriers, it may be especially helpful to gain the assistance of a fertility counselor. The following information may help you decide if you need to seek professional help in managing the emotional stresses associated with fertility treatment or need assistance regarding your treatment options.



Salt Lake Infertility Counseling Facebook Pages

Whitney Barrell, LCSW Therapist

Jamie Hales, LCSW Therapist



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