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Scarlett Elizabeth Gardner











This blog will be all about our Scarlett!




















Scarlett was our third daughter born. I remember when the doctor pulled her out he said, “Oh, there’s a cute one”. She was 2 pounds and 8 ounces.












Scarlett was the one daughter I got to give a first name to. I have always loved the name Scarlett as far back as I can remember. I used to watch Gone with the Wind with my grandmother, and I thought it was such a beautiful name. As Ashley and I were building our name list during the pregnancy, Scarlett was one of the first names I put on the list. Since Ashley didn’t immediately veto it, I knew I had a good shot!



























We knew we were going to give one of the girls Ashley’s middle name. As we were saying them all together, Scarlett Elizabeth just seemed right. I don’t think we even took more than 10 minutes thinking about this one, it was just a perfect match!











During Pregnancy, Scarlett was always the one we had the most trouble finding with the heartbeat monitor. She was constantly moving. If we found her one day in a great spot, the next day she would be in a completely different spot! She was always on the move, and that’s exactly how she is today! Always on the move!











Scarlett would also give us the best picture profiles during the ultrasounds. The others we would always struggle to get full profiles, but when it was Scarlett’s turn, she would be there, always the center of attention, and always giving the perfect profile!! I have the ultrasound pics to prove it! For this reason, we nicknamed her early, “the diva”.

butterfly scar

















Scarlett for the most part is a very happy baby who loves to smile. She is also very shy and bashful. She won’t run to strangers or even other family members as quick as the others do. She always has a sense of caution, hence she’s our “stranger danger” baby.











Scarlett without a doubt is a Daddy’s girl. She loves her daddy! Whether she’s sad, happy, excited or tired, she always wants to share those emotions first with Dad; and I love every second of it! I think one of the reasons she loves me so much is that I tickle her back when I hold her. I got so used to doing this with Ashley (her love language is definitely touch), that it became habit with the kids. Scarlett definitely loves when I do this, and will rest on my lap for as long as I continue giving her back a tickle!











Scarlett was our first to crawl and walk. This is no surprise as she was always moving so much in the womb. She’s curious like Esme, but at the same time care free. She just likes to wander around, dancing and daydreaming. I always wonder what she’s thinking about when I find her circling the kitchen island looking up with her hands behind her back.










Scarlett is probably our best snuggler. She loves to cuddle mom and dad, especially if she’s sad or hurt. She was like this early also. I remember when they first started sleeping in their cribs, Scarlett would be the one you had to rock for 5-10 minutes before you laid her down. She needed that little extra comfort and attention before she would calm down and go to sleep.





















Scarlett is definitely our shy and bashful daughter. She’s very sweet, and for the most part quiet. She loves to sneak toys and bottles away from her sisters with a sly grin. She’ll laugh and play with her sisters, and at other times sit in a corner of the room studying her favorite book alone. She has her favorites when it comes to family members, but will usually warm up to most people . Her smile could light up a room, and her eyes pierce any heart. She’s our beautiful Scarlett Elizabeth.











Hope you enjoyed this blog about Scarlett!

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