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Scarlett goes back to the hand surgeon for a check up

Today has been the day we have all been waiting for! My friend Lanora sent Scarlett a little get well doctors kit and the girls had a blast playing doctor with it today! It was so cute to see them so interested in this new toy! Thank you so much Lanora for your very thoughtful gift! The girls thought mommy needed to put on all the ‘things’ at once….when a kid hands you a toy and wants you to put it on you just do it! 

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Her appointment was at 4:00pm so we have been anxiously awaiting it all day long. We were advised by the doctor to leave the wrap on and not remove it all week. Just let it be. So we haven’t seen it since her last appointment (you can read about that here). I was very anxious to see how it was healing up.










She has been so happy all week long and doesn’t pay much attention to her wrap. The other girls have thankfully lost interest in their sisters new accessory and leave it alone also. 









I think mommy and daddy were more nervous for this appointment that Scarlett was. She was smiling at me the whole way there and then rearranged the waiting room at the doctor. She read all the magazines and stood on all the chairs. One of the employees there came out and gave her a piggy balloon and she thought that was pretty awesome!


IMG_6454 IMG_6455 IMG_6450




















We got called back in to the room and she was distracted playing with her balloon until the nurse looked at her. Then she started crying. She decided that she felt more safe in her momma’s arms and then calmed right down. 










The nurse was so awesome and great with Scarlett. She cut off her wrap and Scarley didn’t even budge. I when she started getting a little closer to the actual finger she started getting a little nervous but Daddy to the rescue he pulls out his phone and turned on a little show for her.









She just snuggled tight into mommy and freely gave the nurse her finger. She didn’t resist at all and she made sure not to look at it. 

It was really scabbed over so they put a solution in it to soften it up a bit before making their way down to the buried stitches.









She loved having her hand free and would open and close her fingers. Im sure it feels good to have it free and not all bound up.









Her finger that was buddy wrapped to her hurt finger was a little sore as well. It must have been rubbing up against the splint in there. It wasn’t too bad and it will heal up just fine and she didn’t seem to mind it at all. She was just happy her hand was free for a minute. 









All the doctors and nurses couldn’t believe that the nurse had already taken the stitches out because they hadn’t heard and crying and screaming from our room. They were all blown away that she was so amazing through it all. I could tell the nurse wasn’t excited to take stitches out on a 19 month old because no one wants to be the one who has to cause pain. But afterwords she was so happy that Scarlett didn’t even budge or cry and made her job super easy.









After they got the stitches out the doctor came in to look at it and tell us how it is doing. We were so happy to hear his words. He said that it looked better than he actually expected it to and he was trilled with the coloring of the finger. He thinks that the blood supply looks awesome but it is still a bit of a waiting game to make sure it will heal up perfectly. He was thrilled at how well she has done with it he wants to see her back in a week to check the healing process again. 









They wrapped it back up and just wrapped her pinky this time to make sure nothing was rubbing on that other finger and she didn’t cry even a bit during this process either like she did last time. I think that is a good sign that she isn’t in as much pain anymore and healing well.


IMG_6460 IMG_6461














As we left the doctor the girls at the front desk had some balloons for her to take home to her sisters. She thought that was so cool.










I am so proud of this little girl and how brave and strong she had been through this entire process. She really has become my hero and im so proud to call her my baby. She has shown me more strength every day since she has been born than I could ever have imagined and she inspires me. 









Thank you to all of you for your love and support and care packages throughout this time. It has brightened our days more than you know! I will update on Scarlett again next week at her appointment.


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