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Scarlett goes in for her 6 week finger check up

Today we went back to the doctor again for him to check Scarlett’s finger. Today we wanted to make sure everything was looking good and still healing properly. At this appointment he was going to have a better idea if her fingernail was going to come back or not. 

For this appointment daddy stayed home with the other 3 durls and mama took Scarley to the doctor. I knew that they were just looking at it so we didn’t need to team distract her for this one.

Scarlett seemed to know right where we were when we pulled into the parking garage and got out. She was clinging very tight to me and looking around.

When we got up to the waiting room she was a little timid walking in. I had put her down at the elevator and let her walk and as soon as we got to the door she started backing up. She doesn’t like people to even look at her finger so I think she knew what was about to happen.

I got us all checked in and as we were waiting Scarlett decided that the waiting room magazines needed some re organizing and I say so myself that she did a pretty good job of it. hahah

In my attempt to contain her in the waiting room we decided to a selfie for you guys here…

We didnt have to wait too long and they called us back. I put her on the table and she didnt thing that was very cool at all. She felt more safe on mommy’s lap. 

The nurse asked how she was and then said the doctor would be in soon but not before she brought Scarlett in some Smarties and a book. Scarley thought that was pretty cool.

We then took another selfie together, because ya know it is actually physically impossible to sit in the doctors office and not do this. haha

The Doctor came in and looked at it and said it is healing nicely but was a bit concerned that she was so protective of it and didn’t know if that was because she was traumatized from the incident or if there was a problem with the bone they might have missed. He thought it would be a good idea to do a quick x ray to double check everything.

Scarlett did NOT think it was an awesome procedure, poor thing. She was screaming the whole time. Luckily they are super fast and it was over quickly. But not before about nurse came and gave her more smarties. Smarties make everything better don’t you know?

Shortly after the doctor came back in and said that everything looked great and that he wouldn’t need to see her back again unless I feel like there is something concerning. This was a huge relief! He also said that her fingernail was actually 50% grown back already! He said he doesn’t know for sure how it will look once it is all grown back but he thinks it will not even look noticeable at all. We will have to wait another few month till it grows all the way back before we will find out for sure. I am just happy that she has her finger! Im sure as she gets older she will be happy there is a nail there as well though. 

We gathered our things and hurried on our way. The lady at the front desk made sure to let Scarlett pick out her own balloon before she left and she thought that was pretty cool!

Once we got outside I informed Scarlett that she was all done and didn’t have to come back to this doctor again and this is how our last selfie turned out…

She was very happy about that! I am so grateful that this awful situation is finally coming to an end and that everything is going to be ok. This girls is such a trooper and I’m so proud to be her mama!

Thank you to all of you who have been an amazing support through all of this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your prayers where heard and we thank you for them.

-Quad Mama

Just in case you missed what happened to Scarlett’s finger

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