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Scarlett Sees A Pediatric Hand Surgeon

We’re almost 2 days past the accident, and mom and dad have still not recovered. It has been a long 48 hours trying not to remember that night! Every time either one of us opens or closed a door, we both cringe and freak out looking to see if one of the girls is close by! Hopefully this will pass.

So yesterday mom decided she wanted a doctor to take another look at Scarlett’s hand and just make sure everything was healing well. We called a hand specialist in Provo, but they were completely booked out for the day, but said they could get us in on Tuesday (today). So we took that appointment, but also stopped by our pediatrician office just to have a look and make sure and put our minds at ease. Here are the pics from yesterday.

The pediatrician thought the sew job was great, and the flesh looked good. He thought the coloring, especially on the underpart of the finger looked great, and he gave us good hope that things were moving in the right direction. He re-wrapped her little hand and sent us on our way. This was very encouraging to two parents who were so worried.

Scarlett was so happy yesterday as well, and wasn’t even bothered by her hand being all wrapped up. She continued playing with sisters, just keeping up with all the fun and trouble. This made us both so happy as we were both stressing that she would be affected by the pain of her finger. Ashley kept up really well with the pain medicine, and it seemed to be effective!

She slept really well through the night once again, which we both still couldn’t believe. She’s been such a little trooper!

Today, we headed down to the hand specialist to get his opinion. Scarlett was so happy for the ride and was making all kinds of faces!

 We both had high hopes that things were moving in the right direction. They got us all checked in and back into our room pretty quick. Scarlett was just running around the waiting room and halls having a great time!

We got into the room and the nurse started removing the wrap. We thought she was going to start crying again as she did the day before, but she sat there patiently watching her Baby Einstein on Dad’s phone without even flinching. Again we were stunned at how well she was taking this. Here’s a peek at what it looked like today.

The surgeon finally came in after she was all uncovered and ready. He looked at her x-rays again, and then at the hand, and gave us the news we were wanting to hear! He thought the coloring looked really good as well as the tissue and stitches. He didn’t recommend any other surgery and also thought the finger would make a full recovery. On top of that, he thought her nail would actually grow back!! This made Ashley very happy. Although there were no guarantees, this was the optimism and outlook we were silently hoping for!

He sent us home with a prescription for an antibiotic, just to make sure infection stays away. We were both happy to hear this.

The nurse came back in to re-wrap the finger, and I guess Scarlett decided she had enough of the doctors office as she started to cry a little bit. Luckily the nurse was great and got her wrapped up pretty quick!


We have to go back a week from this Thursday for the last look, and at that point he’ll determine when the stitches come out. Overall the day was a success, and we were very happy to hear that he thought she would keep all of her finger! We got lucky this time!


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