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Scarlett's Top 5 Favorite Things

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I must apologize for the gap in vlogs! I know everybody has been waiting for the other two twins! So, here we go with Scarlett today!

1. Santa Claus

Out of all of the girls, Scarlett definitely takes a love for Santa to a new level! Here we are in April, and every morning when I ask her what she dreamed about, the answer never changes; Santa Claus! I laugh every time she says it because its so real. She loves that jolly old man! Every time we got to meet Santa this last year it was pure magic for this little girl!

2. Dragons

Scarlett loves to learn and talk about dragons! Whenever Ash asks her what she wants her hair done like, 90% percent of the time its a dragon! When we go to dance, we always ask “What are you going to be brave like?” Her answer is always the same! Brave like a Dragon! I think it stems from watching one of our favorite movies, Sleeping Beauty! They love when the dragon comes!

3. Peaches

I’ve never seen a girl notice canned peaches in a store like this one. Every Costco trip this girls spots those jars of deliciousness and goes running! Also every time I let them pick their side dishes for lunch or dinner she comes running out of the pantry with the 2 or 3 jars! Hilarious every time! If I’d let her, she’d finish a whole jar herself!

4. Questions

Scarlett is our inquisitive child. She loves to ask mom and dad questions. My favorite is every time I come home from somewhere, she asks “You go to the Gym?” LOL! I told her one time that I had been at the gym and now she thinks every time I return home that’s where I’ve been! Usually without fail, the first thing that always comes out of her mouth when being seen for the first time is a question! She’s very curious!

5. Cream Soda

This girls definitely takes after her daddy in this department! She loves soda, but especially cream soda! We’ve only given them Root beer, sprite, and cream soda, but the latter is her all time favorite. Usually we’ll let them have a special drink once or twice a week, and Cream Soda is always whats shouted from this girls mouth. Sometimes she’ll go above and beyond and just bring a can in from the garage all by herself. So independent! LOL

Hope you enjoyed this small glimpse of our Scarlett! Ill have Evie up tomorrow! In case you missed the other two twins, here they are below!



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