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Sick Babies Are No Fun!


I’m sorry we haven’t blogged in a while, its been a few rough weeks! First the girls came down with a cold and cough, and just as they were getting over that, the stomach flu hit our house like a ton of bricks! If you know me at all, you know that this is one of my worst fears being a clean freak! There is no control to kids puking!!!! I can testify of that!

Just when we though all was well and we were finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Scarlett and Evie woke up with green mucus in their eyes and what looked like pink eye. They are at the doctors office now with mommy trying to figure out what’s going on. Hopefully its something mild, and we can squash the last of this sickness that has had a choke hold on our family!

I don’t know how all you parents out there do this day in and day out without losing your sanity! It is so hard to watch your little ones get sick, especially when there’s nothing you can do but comfort them until the storm passes. I remember vividly when I was sick Monday night, hovering in the bathroom with the worst pain, and all I could think about was “this is what the girls felt like”. As much pain as Ash and I were in, we were so sad that the girls had to experience it!! Thankfully it was a quick bug and they seemed to recover from that particular illness swift, but it certainly gave me a glimpse into the future.

Isn’t it crazy that all you want to do is protect your children and make sure that they are never hurt or upset? I know this to be true of parents who have older children as well, because I watch both of our parents sit and worry about all of their kids still as they are grown ups. Its interesting how life gives you perspective. Things you never would have thought about when you were younger make all the difference now.

Im so grateful for family who is constantly there for us. As we were going through this last batch of storm, we had so many helpers to give us the strength to overcome these battles. Hugsy was here every day giving the girls everything they needed as Ash and I were trying to juggle work and babies. My mom dropped in after her work shifts to help feed the girls dinner each night. Ashley’s mom even came and did a night shift when both of us came down with the bug. How grateful we are for family!

We also wanted to thank all of you! Our followers are the best. Your know as family as well around our house, as each of you have been so loving and kind to all of us! You are loved, I promise you that! I guess ill wrap this blog up, and quit blubbering on! Hope all of you are off to a good week, and Monday is treating you well!


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