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Spring Playhouse and Swing Set For The Girls

Currently we are looking at Playhouses or Swing sets for the girls to install this spring! We have been looking for a few months now, and cant decide which one to get the girls? We have had several conversations with them about what they want, but they always change daily! Swings, slides, playhouse, kitchen, sand, climbing wall, etc. They love everything from one minute to the next!

We want to get something that will have enough of everything that they can enjoy it now, and years from now! This is where we need all you parents out there and your expert advice! Since this is the first play set we have bought, please give us all your pros and cons, as well as opinions on what is best for girls our age and moving forward!

I’ve copied a few pictures down below of a few of the ones we’ve narrowed it down to, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t open to other options. Help!!! What you do think?

Thanks so much! Can’t wait to hear your advice!


ProductProductCedar Summit Abbeydale Clubhouse Swing Set