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Summertime Brings Something Special for Us










 I know that for most parents, winter comes and goes without any thought; but for us, the last two winters have meant complete lockdown for us and the girls. Obviously the first winter goes without saying that the girls were in lockdown through RSV and Flu season as they had just come home from the NICU and their immune systems were tremendously weak. Going along with doctors orders, we kept the girls pretty much locked down this winter as well, for the same reasons as their bodies are growing and catching up with where there immune systems should be!

The Durls
The Durls









I can say, that by the end of this winter, I think us and the doctors felt really good with the girls growth, and aren’t too worried about next winter as they are healthy, happy, thriving toddlers now! As parents who have spent several months of the last year and a half locked in our house, summertime brings with it a new horizon. One that allows us to get out and enjoy life!










This Summer marks the first that the girls are all ahead or on the curve of their growth charts. Their health overall has been tremendous considering where it could have been. Other that overcoming a few common colds, and one ear infection, the girls have done pretty well at staying healthy. That is a great sign for mom and dad, as we worried early that things could have been a lot harder.








This summer, we plan to get out of the house and do plenty of outdoor activities! Pool day was just the beginning as the temperatures got over 80 degrees last week and allowed us to get the girls outside and in the water for the first time this season.



We’ve already taken them to the zoo, the tulip festival, and a couple of park dates; and with willing family and friends, their will be plenty more adventures to come!

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One thing I’ve wanted to do for a while now is take a family vacation. Ashley is still hesitant as she worries the girls will not do well in the car. Although I’d probably agree that if we do a drive longer than a couple of hours, it could get very loud in the backseat on account of baby outbursts; but at the same time, I can only think of the new memories we will be making with our family that we waited so long to have these opportunities with.

One thing is for certain though; these babies are more than healthy to get out and explore. From the looks of what we’ve seen early this summer, we’re going to have a lot of curious girls ready to explore the outside world!


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