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FAQ's Answered

Today’s blog topic will be broad and covering many topics as I attempt to answer some frequently asked questions we get from you guys! Here we go! -How do  you tell Evie and Scarlett apart? This is probably the top FAQ without a doubt, and for good reason. By looks alone, you really cant tell them …

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The Patchery

      So who else is dying over these outfits? I’M IN LOVE! And the girls??? I dont think they could get any more cute!!!  I have told you all about The Patchery before, it’s seriously such a fun website! You get to design your own clothes!  When I stumbled upon this website I …

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Homemade Ham Fried Rice Family Recipe

  Here is another simple, fast and yummy family recipe for ya. This is our homemade ham fried rice and we love it! For some reason homemade is so much better than take out….Well for me pretty much everything is better than take our because I love me some home cooked food. This recipe is …

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