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emergency room

Indie Comes Home

Thank you for all of the feedback from yesterdays blog! You guys are amazing and have shared so much love! Hopefully we can return the favor someday! So I’ll just pick up where I left off! Ash and Indie were heading to Provo in the ambulance, and I was heading home. When I arrived, Madison …

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Indie Mae’s ER Story

First of all, thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. We know that our Father in Heaven has heard each and every one, and that is why Indie is here with us! She is such a little fighter and has overcome many obstacles, with all your needed prayers! What was almost in the …

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Scarlett Sees A Pediatric Hand Surgeon

We’re almost 2 days past the accident, and mom and dad have still not recovered. It has been a long 48 hours trying not to remember that night! Every time either one of us opens or closed a door, we both cringe and freak out looking to see if one of the girls is close …

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First Trip To The ER

So yesterday was a wonderful day that quickly turned into our worst nightmare!  We spoke in church  yesterday and it went so well, we were so relieved that it was finally over and then we had some fun family time with Tyson’s family before his sister (who lives in Canada) goes back home. We came …

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