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FAQs on the Topic of Parenting

You guys have been inspirational with your feedback on these blogs! I hope you’re enjoying them as much as I’m enjoying writing them! Todays topic is parenting. These questions came from your responses on our Instagram post. Hope you enjoy! -Do you guys feel that you are good parents? I think this is one of …

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FAQs on the Topic of Marriage

So as all of you may know, I wanted to narrow down some of the questions to some specific topics. This was the first one I chose randomly, and got such an eclectic range of questions I was blown away. I’ve taken the ones that were repeated the most, the clever ones, as well as …

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FAQs Part Three

You guys, im loving all of your questions and insights! Thank you all so much! Todays blog will be answering all the ones posted today on my Instagram page. In the future, id like to start narrowing these down to specific topics. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments on …

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FAQs Part Two

More of your questions answered! -Are Indie and Esme identical? Why did they used to look so different, but now are looking more alike? Great question! I wondered this for a while myself, lol. I think it all goes back to the NICU days. Indie had the wear a CPAP machine for quite a little …

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FAQ's Answered

Today’s blog topic will be broad and covering many topics as I attempt to answer some frequently asked questions we get from you guys! Here we go! -How do  you tell Evie and Scarlett apart? This is probably the top FAQ without a doubt, and for good reason. By looks alone, you really cant tell them …

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