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Fall 2018 Personality Update for Scarlett Elizabeth

Thank you so much for your support of these blogs, and your feedback! Im loving all of it! If you missed, the previous two this week, here they are! Indie Esme Here we go with Scarlett! Nicknames: Scarley Barley, Barles in Charge, Squirrel Favorite Food: Chinese Noodles, Cereal Favorite Show: Peppa Pig Favorite Activity: Reading, …

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Fall 2018 Personality Update for Esme Jane

Thank you for the overwhelming support of Indie’s blog yesterday! You guys are so amazing and we love and appreciate you so much! I told you I was getting all the girls up this week, and I don’t want to break my promise! So lets follow up Indie today with her twin, Esme. Nicknames: Ezzy, …

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Your Questions Answered All About Scarlett

The feedback on the Evie blog was incredible! Thank you all! I really appreciated your questions and had such a fun time answering them! Moving right along, today we’ll be covering questions all about Scarlett! You guys were rock stars sending these in! Once again, ill do my best to cover the most frequently asked, …

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Personality Update-Evangeline

The last of the personality updates for this month! It has been so fun writing down all my thoughts and memories of the girls, but at the same time, I feel like I leave so much out after I’m all finished! They grow so fast and there’s always something new to put in here, but …

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Personality Update-Scarlett

Its so interesting reading all of your comments about the girls! Whats even more interesting is that most of you have a favorite Quad!! This totally cracks us up! We seriously love you all! Today the blog is all about our Scarlett! Scarlett Elizabeth Gardner- Nicknames- Scarley Barley, Barles in Charge, Lettie. Favorite Song- Little …

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Personality Update-Indie

The girls are growing at such an incredible rate, and they get smarter every day! Their personalities are really developing and we are seeing them now more than ever as their own unique individual. I wanted to share with you all some of their fun personality traits and a few fun pictures! Ill update you …

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