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Ashley's Birthday in Seattle

  Ashley had an amazing birthday in Seattle! We decided to vacation with our best friends for this trip, and we had an amazing time! I thought I’d share just a few short updates and pictures with you! The first day in Seattle we ventured through Pikes Place Market. You could literally spend all day there. …

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Freshly Picked

  The girls had such an incredible time modeling for Freshly Picked last week, I thought I’d share a few pics from the shoot! Freshly Picked is launching these new styles today, and the girls were the first to sport them! Which ones are your favorite! I loved this shoot as Freshly Picked thought a Champion …

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Pokémon Go Live with The Quads

  So Ashley had an idea the other day to play a live game of Pokémon Go, with a twist. The twist was that the girls would become the Pokémon, and we would be the trainers collecting them! We had to search high and low to find backpacks that we thought would be good for …

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Gardner Quad Squad Trivia!

              Who knows the Gardner’s better than the rest! Round 2 of trivia starts now! Ill post the questions today, and the answers tomorrow! Lets see how you do! How long have we been married? How long did we struggle with infertility? How old is Bentley? What is Aunt …

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