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July 4th-Why July Is So Special To Me

              July is my favorite time of year, even over Christmas! July has always been so special to me for so many reasons. I mean who doesn’t love the summer time, fireworks, BBQ’s, swimming, vacations, the Red, White and Blue and so much more? Im sure it being my …

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Gardner Trivia Answers 5-28-16

  Thank you so much for having a little fun with us this Memorial Day Weekend! Here’s all the answers to the trivia!   How long have we been married? We have been married for 10 years! This August will mark our 11th year being married!   How long did we struggle with infertility? 8 …

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4 Month Check Up!

  Today the girls had their 4 month appointment! Which means shots for all the girls!!! It was a crazy day! Have you ever had to take 4 infants to the doctor at the same time? Just getting them ready to go is ordeal enough! I started getting them ready last night! I packed the …

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Once upon a dream….

Every little girl dreams about having her first baby! What it will be like. What he or she will look like. How hard it will be. When it will happen is something we don’t entirely dream about… When it isn’t something that come naturally you are shocked, embarrassed and sad! When we were married August 12th, 2005 having …

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Under the Sea

Today was bath day! So we all know what that usually means for me….PHOTO SHOOT! I mean, how can I not when they are so stinking cute??? I could just dress them up all day every day if they would let me!!! My sweet friends Pam and Jazzy bought the girls these mermaid outfits and …

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