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FAQ's Answered

Today’s blog topic will be broad and covering many topics as I attempt to answer some frequently asked questions we get from you guys! Here we go! -How do  you tell Evie and Scarlett apart? This is probably the top FAQ without a doubt, and for good reason. By looks alone, you really cant tell them …

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Quick Updates On Our Family – March 6th 2017

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to drop a few updates on what the Gardners are up to currently! I am still planning on going into more detail in the personality blogs for our family, as well as the our new home, Doctor and Dentist Updates, Family Vacations, and TLC, so stay tuned for those blogs! This …

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Sunday With 4 Toddlers

              Going to church is a whole new story for us now then it use to be. Before we would take our time getting ready for church, be there a little early to get a good seat and relax and get spiritually edified and uplifted and ready to take …

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Our Frequently Asked Questions on Youtube

Gardner’s Frequently Asked Questions If you haven’t already checked out our daily vlogs here is a link to our page                 Question: What type of discipline do you plan on using with the girls at this age and when they get older? Answer: At this point, we …

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