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Taking Care of 5 Sick Girls

  It’s one thing when all your children are sick and need to be attended to with extra care and love; its another thing when all your children and your wife are sick and require the same extra care and love! There’s got to be a secret that I don’t know about to handling situations like these! The last two weeks have been so rough as Ashley and I have battled with the girls being sick. They’ve had a flu virus with high fevers, ear infections, and now what looks like another cold virus that has brought with it more snotty noses than I care to ever see again!!! Someone is testing my strength, because Ashley went down like a ton of bricks Saturday night, and I’ve been left holding down the fort solo! That’s right, Rookie Dad taking care of 5 sick little girls!    As you know, all 5 of my girls have their own personality as well. So none of them like to be loved and cared for the same way! I think they all came with an instruction manual for care and maintenance, but somebody forgot to let me take a peek! Yesterday, by about 6pm, I had to call my sister and mom for reinforcement. These girls literally took the life from my body! Thank goodness for family that is always willing to swoop in and lend a helping hand! Both of our families have been amazing in assisting our adjustment to parenting.    Although the last couple of weeks have been rough, they have given me several tender moments. One of the best feelings in the world is having your little one just want to snuggle you! I’m sure many of you parents out there can identify with the experience I’m sharing today of both the good and bad. Its sad that they are all sick, but you love so much that they want to be held and cuddled all the time! You have to take the good with the bad, and I’m beginning to realize I need to cherish these moments because they wont always be this small or dependent on me.    As a new weeks begins, of course I look forward to everybody regaining their health and strength, and all of us continuing on with our daily activities. In the same breath, I selfishly hope that all 5 of my girls always need me to take care of and snuggle them forever. A Husband and Father can dream, right? -Tyson