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Thank You, Our Followers, Our Friends, Our Family

Another week is in the books! We’ve had a tremendous amount of activities on our schedule this week, with many big decisions being made. As the week comes to a close, we are grateful that all the children are happy and healthy, and that Ashley and I haven’t lost any hair or added any wrinkles, that we know of.

We both want to thank all of you, our loyal followers. You have really become our friends and family over the past 2 years. As we have transitioned not only to parents, but parents in the public eye, it has been a blessing to have you all on our side supporting us and our decisions. It isn’t easy by any means trying to please everyone who watches over. There’s always a better way, a trick untried, and a method that’s easier and safer.

Thankfully our Father in Heaven has blessed us with the knowledge that we are not perfect, but are a work in progress. This thought comforts us daily as we strive to be the best parents, spouses, siblings, children, friends, and disciples of Christ that we can be. Although there are some who disagree with certain things we do or decisions we make, we know they are only doing it thinking of the best interest of our children, and we appreciate that. There will never come a day that we will be able to please everybody,  but I hope you all know that our children are always our first priority, and there is nothing more important than loving, protecting, and teaching them truth.













As the days go on, the load seems lighter. The girls get stronger and smarter and  we thank our Father in Heaven for that miracle and blessing. At the end of the day, when the girls are tired and ready to lay down, they’ll lay their small heads on our chests and give us that moment of confirmation that we did it right; at least today.







Thank you all for your tremendous love and support. You will never know the affect that you have had on two doe-eyed parents from a small town in Utah. Truly we appreciate your love and concern for our daughters, your prayers and your support, and your friendship. Many people write us all the time telling us that our family has made a difference in their lives. The truth of the matter is that without all of you, there would be no difference to be made.

We’re grateful for you. We appreciate you. We love you! We hope you always know that!