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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We had a little fun this morning dressing the girls up as turkeys! I’m not due how much fun they had, but at least it was family time, right? 

Today we are grateful for so much, and we share our gratitude with you all! We are eternally grateful for our family. We waited a long time for these sweet angels to come, and now that they are here we understand why we waited so long. We are ever mindful and grateful for our Father in Heaven and his glorious plan of salvation. We are forever grateful for our Savior Jesus Christs love and sacrifice for all mankind, that has given us the opportunity to be a family forever. We are blessed and thankful for our family and friends who make our lives a joy with laughter and love! We are also thankful and appreciative of all of support we have received this last year from all of you! We consider you our family and friends! 

We hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones filled with memories of laughter and love! Happy Thanksgiving!

-The Gardners