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The 4th of July 2016

This year’s 4th of July was incredible to the Gardners! We had such a wonderful day with just the 6 of us! This is rare that we all get ready and get to go out of the house and have an adventure together! We are hoping there is much more of these days in the future!!

The Morning started off pretty normal, girls up at the crack of dawn. We did breakfast and played and read books for about an hour. Mom got the girls dressed in their festive outfits, and then got their hair all done. At this point, they started letting us know it was nap time with their sudden outbursts and crying. They are very good about this. LOL

While the girls were down for their nap, mom got ready for the day, and dad cleaned up the house a bit, then got ready. We wanted to be ready to go when the girls woke up so we could just load them in the car and get to where we were eating for lunch, as the girls would be hungry just after nap time!

The girls woke up, some with their Piggy’s pulled out. Mom quickly fixed the problem, we loaded the kids, and we were off on our 4th of July adventure!

We decided we were going to visit one of our favorite Pizza and Pasta Restaurants, Terra Mia. It has a really open  seating arrangement and calm atmosphere. We thought this would be good for the girls, and for the other patrons if the girls should act up. As we pulled into the parking lot with anticipation, we noticed all the chairs up, and the place looking like a ghost town. It was closed for the day. That left us a little disappointed, as we had our heart set on that. Its hard to choose something else when you’re craving one thing.

We settle on Bajios at the Riverwoods in Provo. Another favorite, and the girls love Mexican. We unloaded the girls, got them all locked down in the quad stroller, and started walking towards the restaurant. About 2o feet from the car, the stroller started collapsing, and the girls folding on top of one another. Dad didn’t lock the stroller in place when he got it out of the car. #dadfail. I quickly pulled back on the handle bar and locked it into place, but not before the kiddos gave me a look of “Do you even know what you’re doing back there?” Special moment for me.

We approached the door, and realized our quad stroller was in no way going to fit through the door. We walked around to the other door, only to be greeted with the same problem. Interesting I thought. Ash decided to take the girls for a little walk around the shops while I ordered our food.

We met back up outside, and picked a grass area just across the way from the shops with lots of trees and shade. This actually ended up working better for us, as we weren’t a distraction, and the girls really enjoy being outside. Sitting on grass with the shade really made lunch pleasant. The girls had a great appetite, and  the food was good. As we were finishing lunch, I looked up and saw the sign for Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Ashley knew what I was thinking.

I ran into Rocky Mountain to get us all a treat. When I came back out, Ash had the girls all lined up on a ledge for a picture. As they were getting a little fussy, I knew this the perfect time to give them the treat I had just bought. Ash was skeptical as she knew what was about to happen. A complete mess! Although she was right, we got this awesome family pic as a bystander saw us struggling to do a selfie and offered to help. The girls were all being good due to the sugar distraction, and I was happy we got a family pic on Ashley’s favorite holiday!

After the picture, we let the girls enjoy their treats, until Indie lost hers on the sidewalk, and lost it altogether!

We barely got the kids cleaned up and back to the car before there meltdown. Its ok, this is normal when we’ve had them out a bit longer than they are used to. We loaded them up and hit play on Baby Einstein and cruised down the road for the nearest firework stand.

I had no plans of getting fireworks for the girls this year, as I though they were still too young and wouldn’t really care, but mom had other plans. Being a little bit of a pyromaniac (thanks to her brother), we made the stop. Ash ran in and I stayed with the girls being serenaded with Baby Einstein for only the 1000th time, if my count is accurate. 5 minutes later Mom come walking out of the store with a package as big as me. I wasn’t surprised.

We got home, the girls took a little siesta, and dad ran to the store to get meat to grill. Upon my return the girls were up and ready to continue on with the night.

We roasted them hot dogs, and cut up some fresh strawberries. Ash thought it would be fun to keep them in their high chairs, and just pull them out back so they could sit and watch her light fireworks, and also be contained. I thought it was a winning idea.

Mom lit the first tow fireworks, just fountains that sprayed sparks out of the top. The girls just stared at them with now amusement. It was kind of hilarious. Mom decided to light a few more just for fun, and unknowingly lit one that made some loud noise. This did not go well for Scarlett and Evie, as the tears started to flow. (See video below) Indie and Esme were not phased in the least however. They just continued to sit there with blank stares. The whole experience was so much fun though.

To calm the girls down, we ate our sliced strawberries. That always does the trick with the girls. They love fruit, especially strawberries! This concluded the day with the girls. We got the high chairs back in the house, paraded the girls upstairs, changed them into their pajamas, and they were out faster than a light!


What a wonderful holiday we had just enjoying time with our little ones. It is so fun to enjoy life with them, and see everything again through their eyes. Life is magical and precious. I hope I never take for granted all the blessing that God has given us, especially time with my family! How grateful we are to enjoy the freedoms we have in this choice land.

Hope you all had an incredible Independence Day as well! God bless!


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