The Age At which Children can have Spicy Food

Family Health

If you are someone that has a child, you will be very aware of just how annoying they can be when you are trying to have a meal. The old saying goes that once you have a child, you will never have a full meal to yourself. Even if you have made your child a feast worthy of the gods, they will still somehow manage to eye up to your food.

If this is something that you experience often, you may have also noticed something else. Since your child has the habit of picking at your food and completely ignoring their own, you have probably started to cater more to their own tastes so that they can eat comfortably. This means that the meals that you eat these days may be completely void of any delicious favor, which can really ruin the way in which you enjoy food.

At this point, I imagine you’re sick of living on a completely bland diet and ache for the taste of a little flavor. If you are someone that was once quite a fan of spicy food, this can be especially frustrating because children under no circumstances can spice- or can they?

It is a complete myth that children cannot have spicy food, in fact in many cultures children enjoy spicy food from quite a young age. However, this doesn’t mean that your child can indulge in spice straight from the womb.


When can they eat spice?

You may be surprised to hear that children can have spice from quite a young age. In fact, in just 6 months after their birth, they can indulge in some spicy food. However, this does not mean that you should replace your child’s pacifier with ghost pepper.

You may not know this, but children have taste buds that are far more heightened than an average adult’s, that is one of the main reasons why they are so picky because the food that we love tastes much more different to them. This also means that they will be able to taste spice much more than your standard adult, which for them could feel pain. Making your child eat too much space could also result in internal inflammation, which is understandably not the best feeling in the world. Some people choose to treat this issue with some of the best turmeric capsules they can get, but it is best to avoid it becoming an issue.

You also have to take into account that everyone tastes things differently. I’m sure you have encountered some people who absolutely adore spice and others who can’t even manage a jalapeno, it really just depends on the person. Your child may be a huge fan of spice, or they may even detest it. Allowing them to try it at a young age when their taste buds are overly sensitive may put them off for life, so it may be best to allow them to explore the world of spice in their own time.