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The Coronavirus – Faith, Hope and Comfort

Simply amazing how something has taken the whole world’s attention in just a few months. We’ve watched so many countries reaction’s to this pandemic from the government levels to the people. Never in my lifetime have I seen something like this that is affecting the entire world in the exact same way. I’m very curious as to what the future holds and how we as the human race will continue to respond, and overcome what is at our feet.

When we first starting hearing news reports about this virus, we were very curious and concerned, but still living our normal daily lives. Even when China started going into quarantine, I think we both hoped and prayed the government could get control of the situation and the peoples lives would be protected. Never in a million years did our thoughts go to what is actually happening. And as I ponder and reflect over my life, that’s usually the case in most circumstances, isn’t it? I’ve found over time, I can’t honestly prepare for everything in my life, and some things I’m not prepared for at all. This could mean physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, etc. Are any of us?

I know that there is a great deal of uncertainty in the world at the moment. Many of us are isolating and hoping for the best. Some of us are panicked, and some don’t bother to worry. I’m not sure any of us are doing it right, but we all have our reasons for our outlooks. Even thought we all come from different walks of life, different countries, backgrounds, religions, politics, I’d still like to share my honest feelings today on what has been working for myself, Ashley and the kids in enduring what life is throwing at us, and the world at this time. Take them for what they are, my simple thoughts.

Heavenly Father- We believe firmly that a Heavenly Father created a great plan of salvation and gave us all the opportunity to experience this life, the good and the bad, learn from those experiences, choose for ourselves what is most important, and have the opportunity to return to him for eternal glory and happiness together. It is through our knowledge, experience, trials, successes, and relationships that we gain the opportunities he has presented for us. We believe that as we follow his commandments, his example, his way not the worlds, we will have that promise of everlasting life. As trials like the one we are facing at this time come; as we turn our heart and minds to him, we will see his miracles from heaven poured down upon us, and know the truth we have been given.

Jesus Christ- We also believe that the savior of the world is Jesus Christ. This is God the Father’s only begotten son. Through Heavenly Fathers plan, a savior would atone for the sins of the world. Jesus Christ is that savior, and he selflessly was obedient to our Father in Heavens plan, as he was crucified on the cross for the sins of the world. He is resurrected, and will come again to this world to cleanse it of the wickedness that prevails, and return it to its perfect state. Those who believe in him will see his glory, and be able to enter into his presence eternally. What a marvelous blessing and gift this will be to us. He is the way, the truth, and the light!

Family- There is nothing more important in this life than our families. They are who we are tied to eternally. They are with us from the beginning, and will be with us in the end. They are who we learn from, teach, grow with, understand, forgive, laugh and cry with, and love!! They are  such and integral part of our Father in Heaven’s plan, and as we grow closer to each other, his plan becomes more evident, and so does our purpose and responsibility to each other, and him.

These thoughts and beliefs are what get us through the day. Knowing that we will be with each other forever, that our father in heaven has a plan for us, and that our savior has been through anything that we could imagine and more, and walks by our side, gives us comfort. As the trials come, we think of the trials the savior overcame. He overcame death, so we be not afraid. As the worlds ponders what will happen next, we focus on the plan of our Father in Heaven that is perfect and true, and know that as we are obedient to his laws, we are given his promise. And as the days go by, the months and years, and we see this trial lifted, triumph and laughter return, we take solace in each others arms knowing we are right where we need to be; with each other.


March 24, 2020

This below is a message from our living prophet that has given us much peace at this time. I thought I’d share with all of you.

My Message of Hope and Love for You

My dear friends, our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ know us, love us, and are watching over us. Of that we can be certain.These unique challenges will pass in due time. I remain optimistic for the future. I know the great and marvelous blessings that God has in store for those who love Him and serve Him. I see evidence of His hand in this holy work in so many ways.So, during these uncertain times, be comforted by this promise from the Savior. He said, “I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say.” I promise you that joy is always within the reach of everyone who will hear Him and obey His laws.I love you. I pray for you. And I promise that you will receive comfort and peace as you continue to hear Him.

Posted by Russell M. Nelson on Saturday, March 14, 2020