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The End Of November Update

Its been a wild and crazy November for the Gardner Family! As if our lives aren’t crazy enough with 4 toddlers running around! Just wanted to give some updates on our busy month as we welcome December in tomorrow with open arms!

Thanksgiving was wonderful to our family! We got to spend quality time with both of our families as we usually do on Thanksgiving by splitting the day. Tyson’s family for lunch, and Ashley’s for dinner. The girls had fun with all the Aunt’s, Uncle’s and Cousins. Two turkeys and we were all stuffed fuller than we wanted to be. We’re grateful that most of our families live close and we can spend the holidays making memories together!

Ashley’s Lipsense business really took off this month, and it has come with pros and cons. The pros are she’s selling a lot of product, which is good for our family, as most of you know we are self-employed. The con is that she’s working so much, we have to share her with her new business as she’s trying to get it launched off the ground. I’m grateful that we have each other to lean on, and that we know that the support from one another is always there. The girls have also been blessed too, because as one parent may need to work a little harder on certain projects, the other is always right there to fill in the gaps. How incredibly blessed and humbled I feel that we have this blessing! Thank you to all  of you who support our businesses as well, we couldn’t do this without you!

As one business is taking off, the other is still going strong. Our Etsy shop “A Miracle Unfolding” has also been doing great, and we’re gearing up for a strong holiday season yet again. Once again, its been nice to be able to juggle parenting and business knowing your significant other is always there to back you up. Ashley and I are lucky we can play to each others strengths, getting business done, and never missing a beat with the girls. I love so much that we are both able to be in the home with our children, running our businesses.

Christmas is just around the corner, as well as the girls 2nd birthday! We are so excited for December we could scream! Ashley has already done a little bit of shopping for them, but I like to save my shopping for the month of December, as I love seeing all the Christmas decorations and listening Christmas music everywhere I go! Nothing better! December is looking to be just as busy for our family, juggling family and business, and trying to make a little time for fun! We hope you all have a very Merry December, and hope that you’ll stay with us on our journey all month long via our blogs, vlogs, and social pages! God bless you all and Happy December!