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The Full Gardner Cast

We have a lot of newcomers that haven’t been with us from the start and don’t quite know who everyone is over here at the Gardner house as far as our families go, so I thought I’d do a quick update for everyone! For us, I just  listed our names and nicknames since you already know us pretty well. For the other, ill list their nicknames if any, and a little bit about them. Let us know if you ever have any other questions and we can get more blogs up for you! Thanks for all the love!!

Tyson- My nickname since the beginning of our marriage has always been Bear. Ashley thought with my hair and beard grown out along with my belly, I looked like a bear.

Ashley- I call Ash Little Bear naturally to go along with my nickname.

Indie- Pie, Pot Pie, Dolly, Pie High, Indie Pie Hundred.

Esme- Sezzy Ezzy, Smee, Smeagle, Monster, Sez.

Scarlett- Scarley Barley, or just Barley. Barles in Charge, Lettie.

Evangeline- Heavers, Hebber, Lishy, Liscious, Delicious Liscious, Evie Bear, Beauty.

Bentley- Beesy, Beesy Bear. Bentley was our first child. He was really a blessing during our last years struggling with infertility. I got him for Ashley to help fill the void of not having children, and boy did he ever fill a void. He has been the best puppy, and he’s a great big brother! We love our Bentley Pup!

Jodi- This is my mother, and we call her Grandma affectionately. She gave birth to 10 kids and is the best mom we could have asked for. She has a very giving heart, and she loves babies! Esme always flocks to her when she comes in the door. She lives about 5 minutes from us currently, so we get to see her a lot, and she helps with the girls whenever we ask! She’s got a great big yard as you’ve seen on some of the vlogs, and the girls love going to her house to roam free and enjoy outside time. She’s been an awesome grandmas so far, and the girls love her because she spoils them so much!

Madison- Most of you know Madison as Hugsy. When she was younger, she would always hug anyone who came through the front door. My brother gave her the nickname, and it has stuck! Madison has helped us out so much over the last 2 years. I don’t think any of our other family members have spent more time with the girls than Hugsy. The girls absolutely love her, and there is no doubt she is the favorite aunt. She works full time and is back in school, so we wont see her as much this semester

Mary Lou- This is Ashley’s mother and we call her Mimi. This name comes from her southern heritage. Mimi is a little camera shy, so you don’t see much of her face, but she loves these girls and has always been a great support to Ashley and I over the course of our marriage, and transition into parenthood. She loves babies as well, as most grandmas so, and our 4 have given her 13 total! So she’s no dummy when it comes to looking after a toddler! Ashley’s parents live about 15 minutes away currently, and so we see them often as well, which has been good for the girls to know and bond with their grandparents.

Steve-This is Ashley’s Dad, and known as Papa to the grandkids. Steve is pretty outgoing and so I know you’ve seen him on several vlogs and social pics. Ashley may have got her looks from her momma, but her dad handed down her pretty blue eyes. Steve worked in marketing for most of his life, and so he’s helped us out with several projects as we’ve moved into the social media world and is always around for counsel. Im not allowed to tell the other family members, but it’s a know fact around our house that our kids are his favorites!

Aunt Denver- My sister Denver lives in Canada and so we don’t see her much. Denver was my best friend growing up. We were only a year apart, and we did everything together. We went to school together and always hung around with the same friends. As a matter of fact, she married one of my best friends. She has 3 beautiful kiddos who we wish we got to see more. She’s always been the best sister I could ever have asked for!

Uncle Drake- Drake is my next closet brother in age. I’d say out of all my brothers, I probably have the closest bond with him. He’s not married and doesn’t have any kids, but that doesn’t mean the girls don’t melt his heart when he’s over. He’s been in several vlogs, so there’s definitely evidence. The girls love to sit on his lap and read books. He’s kind of a daredevil, so I’m worried for the day the girls get older and Scarlett and Esme are joining him on his crazy stunts!

Uncle Bo- Bo is my next brother in line, and probably the one who looks most like me. People definitely can tell we are brothers. He’s engaged to be married next month to a wonderful person we are all very happy about. Bo is also the family comedian. He is very quick-witted, and can do an impression of almost anyone he meets or hears. His Trump and Obama impersonations are my favorites right behind his impersonation of my mom!

Uncle Jackson- Jackson is my tallest brother at 6’5. When we stand next to each other, I look like the little brother. He loves the babies, and wont be afraid to tell you Scarlett is his favorite. He’s been married almost 1 year to Rachael who is a nurse. He’s about to join the Fireman Academy, and then he’ll enter the air force. I hope he doesn’t go to far, cause we’d miss him!

Uncle Garrison-Out of all the uncles, Garrison comes to see the babies the most. He just truly loves them and they love him. He’s a big teddy bear and I think the girls sense his soft heart. He’s still single, so if you know anyone……….

Uncle Oakland- Oak is my youngest brother. He was born when I was 20, so he could actually be my kid! Oakland is very shy and sweet. He is always alert when around the babies, almost to a paranoid position. He worries about them so much, sometime its quite comical. He just entered his first year of high school, and lives with my mom, so we see him quite often as well. He’s a good brother, and a good uncle!

Aunt Whitney- Whitty is Ashley’s oldest sister. I call them the salt and pepper twins because I think they look so much alike. She is a master esthetician, same as Ashley, and has kind of been Ashley’s role model. She has one daughter Kaya and is married to Greg. She lives about 15 minutes away as well. She is an excellent make-up artist, and her Halloween make-up is incredible. I cant wait to have her experiment on the girls when they are a little older, as you all know I love Halloween!

Aunt Leslie- Leslie is Ashley’s other sister. She has 4 kids, 2 of which are close in age to the girls. We love that as they will have cousins to play with! Leslie works full time as a mortgage broker, which is good new for us as we buy our home. She’s very easy going, and loves family. She is very loyal and has been a good support to our family!

I didn’t list all of the family members here, as the blog would get out of control, but these one’s you occasionally see on our social media, our show Rattled, and in our other blogs, so I wanted to let everyone know who was who so you weren’t confused. As you can see, we come from large families and its wonderful to have everyone so close!


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