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The Gardner’s Top Five Favorite FIIZ Drinks

People from out of town ask us all the time about our drink shops here. I guess they’re not as big of a deal outside of Utah as they are here! We recently visited friends in Colorado and saw first hand that was the truth. They did have one soda shop in Colorado Springs, but it was not even a far cry from all the love we have here! LOL. Are all of you out there as addicted to the yummy goodness as we are?

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So when we have followers passing through from out of town, they want to hit all the staples they see in the vlogs: Daylight Donuts, Fiiz, Teppanyaki, etc. They always ask what is the best drink to get! I always respond with anything mixed with a coke, lol. The good thing about Fiiz is that they have so many concoctions for all your favorite base drinks! Here are the top 5 favorite Fiiz drinks seen around the Gardner home for those of you inquiring!

Roy Rogers- Tyson-This drink is very sentimental for me personally. I remember visiting my Dad over the summers with my sister when I was very young, and when we would go out to a restaurant he would always let us order “fancy” drinks! Denver would always get the “Shirley Temple” , and I would get the “Roy Rogers”. We thought we were so cool with our grown up drinks! LOL. This drink always brings back fond memories, and it actually tastes just as amazing today as it did back then! Coke, grenadine, Maraschino Cherries, and of course I always add extra ice. The perfect blend, so simple and delicious!

Ashley’s Concoction- Ashley-This drink isn’t actually named this, they don’t have what Ashley likes on the Menu, yet. But after having a taste, I definitely think they need to add it, and name it after Ash! She likes Dr. Pepper for the base, extra ice, cream, and 3 shots of Coconut syrup! Sounds a little rich for my blood, and it is, but it does have a very good taste.

The Lime Rickey- The Durls-This is the girls favorite drink, probably because its the only one I’ve ever ordered for them, hahahahhahh. But who doesn’t like Lime Rickeys? Sprite as the base, always extra ice, grape syrup, and fresh limes. Just as Refreshing as it is delicious!

Lime in the Coconut- Tyson- My second favorite go to, just to mix things up! Coke base, extra ice, coconut syrup, Fresh limes. Limes seem to be a commonality in the family.

The Berry Bad Doctor- Oakland- Uncle Oakland is a staple at our house, so I had to put his drink on the list! This one is pretty good if you like sweet! Dr. Pepper Base, Raspberry Puree, Vanilla Syrup, Coconut Syrup, and Cream. It sound more like a dessert than a drink to me, but he likes it!


Hope you enjoyed the list, and if you haven’t, try one out and see what all the fuss is about!


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