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The Girls 18 Month Check-Up







I can’t believe we are already having the girls 18 month check-up. It seems like yesterday Ashley and I were still trying to decide who got to name which baby! Time goes by in the blink of an eye, and we’re learning to not take it for granted!









We did the girls 18 month check up last week, and it went phenomenal! Knowing where the girls have been, to where they are today, we almost get a little excited to go in and see their growth! Here’s just a few stats for each of the girls from this last visit!

Indie Mae Gardner-

Weight- 20.61 lbs and she’s in the 21.29 percentile.

Height-29 inches and in the .58 percentile

Head- 18.5 inches and in the 69.2 percentile

Esme Jane Gardner-




Weight- 20.57 lbs and she’s in the 20.77 percentile

Height-29.5 inches and in the 1.83 percentile

Head- 18.25 inches and in the 51.83 percentile

Scarlett Elizabeth Gardner-

Weight-23.79 lbs and she’s in the 64.61 percentile

Height-30.5 inches and in the 11.11 percentile

Head- 18.25 inches and in the 51.83 percentile

Evangeline Faith Gardner-

Weight-24.69 lbs and she’s in the 74.94 percentile

Height-29.75 inches and in the 3.07 percentile

Head-18.25 inches and in the 51.83 percentile

Keep in mind there are errors with calculations, and the doctor thought each set of twins was measuring pretty close to each other.

Well the check-up went great, but it wasn’t the end. Immunization time was coming up next. As much as we hate to hear the girls cry when they get their shots, we know how important they are for them moving forward. How blessed we are to live in a time where modern medicine is what it is. Honestly, these girls wouldn’t be here without modern medicine, so we are eternally grateful.

The shots were quick, and cries were loud, but nothing a snoopy band aid wouldn’t heal. The girls stopped crying before we were even done dressing them back up. Troopers they are! They took it better than mom did! LOL

Overall, the check-up was a success! The doctor was very pleased with the girls growth, motor and social skills, and health in general. He said they were doing incredible, and he was very happy with their check-up. Obviously, as parent’s of 4 preemie kiddos, this makes us very happy moving forward. As happy as we are, we still don’t take for granted the miracle that we know these girls are. We always want to do everything we can as parents to give them all the best, and everything they deserve. They are a light in our lives, and we have become better people because of them.


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