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The Girls 2 1/2 Year Doctor Check-Up




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The quads had their 2 1/2 year check-up this past Thursday and we were again ecstatic about all the results! First of all, we have the most amazing pediatrician and staff that we could ever have asked for! They have truly been a blessing to us from the moment we met! A big shout out and thank you to Dr. Mumford and staff!

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As far as all the physical indicators go, the girls are thriving! Sometimes we have to remind ourselves, doctors included, that these 4 miracles were in fact preemies! We have been blessed so much with their health, we really just get on our knees daily and thank our Father in Heaven for his rich blessings he has bestowed upon us. This is something we will never take for granted!

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Verbally the girls are doing great as well! The doctor was pleased with the amount of words each of the girls were speaking to him, as well as them beginning to form sentences. Indie and Esme are a little more advanced verbally than Scarlett and Evie, but he had no worries and gave us all his confidence that they would be caught up very soon!

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He credited much of their verbal and social progress on having the benefit of all of them together daily! I thought that was so neat that the girls not only have each other to rely on for friendship and love, but also for learning!

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You can see all the sweat on my head from wrangling 4 toddlers around a doctors office for just over an hour! Good thing Oakland was there for backup!

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The nursing staff is always incredible on these visits, and within the first 5 minutes the girls were already warmed up and laughing with the staff, not even caring that mom and dad were off visiting with the doctor. Treats and a homemade slide in the break room might have had something to do with that! LOL

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We’re so pleased with the girls progress and health! We feel so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful doctors and staff that have taken such great care of our family from the very beginning! We truly have been blessed, and we thank God every day for these blessings!

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Weight-24.47 lb




Weight-25.13 lb




Weight-29.54 lb




Weight-30.86 lb



Hope you enjoyed this quick update from their check-up! I’ve attached their last couple of check-up blogs below for you to reference pics and updates!


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I’ve also attached the vlog from this check-up below!