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The Girls Are Feeling Much Better

This last week has been a little rough with this stomach bug that has circulated through the girls, and daddy! Luckily mom has missed out on this one! After 4 rough days, the girls seem to finally be done with the waterworks if you know what I mean! Happy spirits today, no blowouts, and no laundry! Win for mom and dad!

It was getting pretty tiring changing 4 sets of sheets daily, sometimes twice a day. Our poor washing machine put in overtime this week! Somehow we all made it through in one piece! I’m just grateful that the girls are feeling better. My stomach was so upset and just in pain most of the week. I can’t imagine how the girls felt. It makes me so sad to think about. We just tried to make the girls as comfortable as possible, and give them extra snuggles! Even with upset bellies, those girls still managed to make us smile all week long!

We want to thank you all for the love and support! You guys are always so sweet and caring when it comes to the girls. They truly are so loved, and we appreciate you all so much!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday resting with family, friends and loved ones!