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The Girls First Swim of the Season

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So Mom decided she was going to get the pool out last week and blow it up for a day of sun and water with the girls! The only problem was we didn’t have a pump!!! Thankfully for social media, a neighbor was happy to lend their electric pump, and we had the pool up in no time! The pic above is the girls waiting patiently as their pool was being blown up and filled!









Initially, they were a little confused as to what was going on, as you can tell from Esme and Pie’s facial expressions! We put warm water in the pool, and it was about 80 degrees, so i know cold was not a factor!









Eventually they figured out it was kind of like bath time, except with bigger toys, and a bigger place to sit! They all began to splash, and soon the smiles started coming out! They were loving it!!!









Eventually, as with everything else, the pool became boring as they started noticing their surroundings! Scarlett was the firs to jet off!









Mom decided she needed to get in with the girls to keep their interests in the pool! This helped a lot, and Mom had a great time splashing around with the girls!










Here are some of the many faces of Esme during pool time!


















Overall, the first swim of the season was a success, and the girls had a great time! The only problem now is that every time the girls look out the back window, they want to get in the pool!! 













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