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The Girls First Trip To The Pool This Year

Yesterday we had a fantastic day at the pool with all of my family! Taking the girls to the pool can be a little nerve wracking, but knowing that I have so many brothers and sisters who have spent quality time with the girls, I knew it would be a breeze! The girls are so comfortable with them, we were hoping the water wouldn’t scare them!

Ashley bought every float device the store sold, so I knew the girls would be safe, but we also wanted them to be happy!

We went to Uncle Drake and Aunt Claudia’s pool. It is a great place because they have a baby pool as well as a regular sized pool, or so we thought. Within the first 5 minutes of having the girls in the baby pool, Indie went under 3 times. The pool has a slight incline from 1-2ft, and Indie couldn’t quite figure that out.

We decided to blow up the floaties and get them in the big pool with the Uncles and Aunts.

The girls absolutely loved the big pool! They thought it was so fun to be totally submerged and walking around with someone. I think it helped that it was Hugsy, and Garrison and Oakland walking around with them though. If it would have someone they didn’t know as well, I don’t know If they would have trusted the water as much as they did!

Indie was definitely in her element! She got in her little easy chair and just laid back and enjoyed her aunts and uncles pushing her around the entire pool. My brother joked she just needed her sunglasses and a bottle of water!

Esme is our little fish. She was fighting all the flotation devices and just wanted to jump into the pool free! It kind of  scared me a bit how daring she was being. Eventually she settled on hanging out on the steps with grandma jumping to mom and dad and splashing around! She was having a ball!

Scarlett was the most willing to go to everybody and anybody just to explore more parts of the pool. She constantly had a smile on her face, and loved being in the big pool, jumping from the ledge into her uncles arms, and also wading in the kiddie pool exploring her own territory. She was happy from start to finish.

Evie was probably our most cautious. She really didn’t show the spark right off the bat. Hugsy took her on, which was good being she was the most timid. We eventually got her comfortable in her easy chair, and she enjoyed most of the day being pushed around the pool by all of us.

Sometimes I feel like we get tons of pics of the girls together, but rarely a pic of Ashley and I with all of them, so I made uncle Drake take this pic!

Although we had a great time and had extra helping hands, Ashley and I constantly found ourselves counting babies. There was even one point where we only counted 3 and started panicking only to find Scarlett at the other end of the pool with aunt Rach! I wonder if we’ll ever just relax completely and know that the girls are safe and in good hands. Probably not.

The day was a success, and we were so happy with how comfortable the girls were at the pool. Next up, swimming lessons!!!


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