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The Girls Run A Lemonade Stand-Maybe Just Tear It Down








About a week ago we did the cutest little photoshoot for Rags To Raches and Livie & Luca with my cousins lemonade stand. The girls were so cute in their little shoes and rompers and biting into lemons like they were apples! HA

They loved the lemons! Every time I took the lemons away to try and save them from the sour they would scream till I gave them back! Looks like they love sour things just like their mama! 

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It was so much fun hanging out at my cousins house. She has so many toys and the girls were in heaven. We will be spending a lot a time there this summer I think.

Rags to Raches Rompers are so stylish and comfortable. You may have even seen them on Shark Tank this past year. I love the way the romper hug the girls bellies and how cool and comfortable they are.








Livie & Luca Shoes are some of my very favorite shoes. They are designed with first walkers foot development in mind and that is very important to me. They pay attention to all the little details inside and out and are 100% real leather making the a very high quality shoe. The awesome thing about this company is that their motto is to ‘Spread Joy” with their shoes. They are awesome and give back to the community.

**For Rags To Raches use code QuadSquad for 20% off your order. Click here for link to shop.

**For Livie & Luca use code LLQUADSQUAD for 25% off your order. Click here for link to shop.

Here is the video of the fashion show that is so cute. Make sure you check it out along with a discount code for both companies…….


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