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The Kids Are Sick Again, I'm Losing It!!

As a parent, one of the things you want to experience the least is you child being sick! Our kids have had their fair share of sickness this winter! I’m not sure if its taking them out to too many public places, or not enough, but they certainly have caught most of the illnesses going around this winter! That being said, its been a pretty rough cold and flu season in our area, and there are so many kids here, its almost impossible to keep everyone healthy.

As someone who likes to control a situation, I have no control when a kid gets sick. As hard as I try, and as much as I clean, they’re all getting what the others have, there’s just no way around it! I just wish there was more I can do!

Having 4 sick babies, along with both parents lacking sleep, makes for an awful combination. We’re still trying to give them everything they need, but we’re diminished, and they’re extra needy! How does that work?

I’ve appreciated all of your sage advice and remedies! I picked up some natural cough medicine today that one of you recommended, im hoping it will at least allow the girls cough to suppress so they can rest. I know that will help them feel so much better! We’re all running around on minutes of sleep! No fun!

We know this sickness will pass, we just hope its sooner rather than later! I know the poor washing machine is with us on this one! Thank you all for you love and support, prayers and messages! They mean so much to us all! Hopefully my next update is a more chipper one!