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The Last Day of June-Is it Summertime Yet


Yesterday was the last day of June, and you’d think we’d be enjoying all the wonderful gifts of summertime! The blue sky, the green mountains, and of course the warm sunny weather! Instead, we’ve all been locked up in the house, with few exceptions for the past 3 weeks! Who would of thought we’d be fighting off the flu, colds, ear and sinus infections in June???!!!!

This all started with poor Evie getting sick almost 3 weeks ago(she’s still smiling in this pic although she was felling awful). We knew she was coming down with something as she didn’t want to leave her mom’s lap that day. Later that night, we felt the full effect as she destroyed several sets of bed sheets and outfits. Poor kiddo! That was just the beginning, as all you parents out there already know, when one kid gets sick, chances are they’re all getting it!

Ashley and I did fine the first week, but then it took mom down the second week with an awful cold/cough/sore throat. Immediately after that, the flu bug set in with the kiddos, and we spent the next 4 days trying to keep the laundry up and the house equipped with Lysol as we fought that bug.

This past week has been spent comforting the girls with ear and sinus infections, and then of course this plague finally brought Dad down! I’ve been passed out on the bed for the past two days, which is rare. If you know me at all, I have to be moving or doing something. I don’t like to sit idle often. It has been hard laying around not getting anything accomplished.

As difficult as June has been, we’re looking forward to better luck as July says hello to us today! We’ve got Ashley’s favorite holiday this coming Monday, Independence Day! Its also Ashley’s birthday month. If you know Ashley, we literally celebrate her birthday all month! We’ve got a few trips planed this month, big and small, and hopefully we’ll be able to get the family outside enjoying this beautiful Summer weather!

We hope all of you are enjoying the Summer of 2016! We appreciate all your love and kindness, especially your thoughts and prayers over the past couple of weeks! Your words have been comforting!

Have a great July everyone!


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