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The Playhouse Update

Its been a little while since I’ve updated on this, so I wanted to do just that and give a little sneak peek at the project!

My brother Bo offered to build the girls their very own play set, custom designed to their wants! They were so excited to have their uncle working on this project for them that they had been asking for since last summer!

We were just as excited to have a family member building something for them that would mean so much and be a staple in our home for many years!Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Bo began the project after discussions of what we all wanted and got the posts in the ground and the cement set. Unfortunately he had to leave town for a week, and progress came to a screeching halt, the screeching being the girls asking continually when it was going to be done! LOL.

The good news is, Uncle Bo is back, and he got a lot of work done yesterday before the rain hit. Here is the most recent picture of what’s going on! Can’t wait to show you all the rest!

Image may contain: outdoor and nature



In case you missed todays vlog, here it is!