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The Potty Training Life

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Well, I’ve never plunged a toilet so much in all of my life! These girls are really testing out their limits this week! Im slowly starting to have flashbacks of my brothers flushing combs, toys, and way too much toilet paper down the toilet. My poor mother!! At least we don’t have to deal with the ‘missing the toilet”! LOL

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Honestly though, we’ve been blown away at how quickly the girls have taken to potty training. All of of them have gotten really comfortable with #1 and know when they need to go. We’ve had very few accidents, and I thinks that’s phenomenal considering we’re doing 4 at once! #2 is coming along. Evie and Scarlett have pretty much mastered this concept as well so we’re getting to easy street with them. Although, they are the ones who love flushing things down the toilet! LOL.

Indie gets the most excited when she goes potty! I think because she knows a treat is coming! Her face lights up and you could hear her from the neighbors house declaring her victory!

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Esme has been the most hesitant, but that’s par for the course. She’s been that way with everything. Although hesitant, and not very electric in her excitement for victory, she’s remaining steady in the race!

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Scarlett has picked it up very easy, and has had the least amount of accidents. She just goes about it like she’s done if for years now. Our professional in the family!

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Evie has also been solid, mastering both #1 and #2. She was the first to do the latter, just waltzing downstairs one morning, sitting on the little potty while mom was making breakfast, and doing her business. She didn’t even let us know when she was done, Ash smelled something funny and worried we had an accident. Nope, just Evie taking care of biz on her own!

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The girls even made it through church last week without an accident! Such troopers!

Overall, I think Ash and I thought this would be a lot harder than it has been The girls are so open and receptive to new things, and potty training has been exciting for them I believe! The hardest part has been locking ourselves down in the house so we can master this phase! We’re very grateful the girls have been so great and willing to listen to our tips! They sure are angels and we love going through these new stages all together!

Thank you to all of your as well who have shared so many great tips with us! They have come in very handy!

What adventure can we conquer next!


In case you missed our January update vlog, with potty training, here it is below!