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The Process Of A Picture…Of Pie









So a lot people ask us how we are always able to get such great pictures of the girls. Well the answer is that we don’t. hahah And the times we do it is a full on production to get 4 babies to look at the camera and sometimes we still don’t.

Today as we were pulling out all the stops to get a good picture of the girls I had to stop and laugh (hysterically) at the ‘out takes’ from the process…mainly Indie this time. Usually one of the other girls are being a character but today it was this girl! I couldn’t not share the ‘The Process Of A Picture’ with everyone because they were so hilarious. How can I make these into a flip book….


































I hope you guys got some awesome enjoyment out of these like I did! Stay tuned tomorrow for an awesome family recipe!


On a side note check out this hilarious video I put together today on our YouTube channel