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The Pumpkin Patch Was A Hit

One of my favorite seasons is the Fall! The weather cools down to where you just want to sit outside all day and enjoy the beauty that God has created! The leaves start changing colors, and here in Utah it is quite a site to behold, especially if you get up in the mountains and get a real bird’s eye view. With the changing season, comes a new excitement for the holiday season. I can remember getting excited for Halloween as early as when I was the girls age. Its crazy, but its true. Fall brings with it so much change, and so much to do! Yesterday, we picked the pumpkin patch as the new Fall thing to do that day, and the girls absolutely loved it!

Ashley has been wanting to take the girls to a Pumpkin Patch and Hay Ride for weeks now. Yesterday we finally had a break in our schedules, and I knew that it was the day. We got up early and got the girls fed and dressed for a day of Halloween Fun! The girls always get so excited and happy when they sense we are going somewhere! We loaded up the troops, the quad stroller, and some snacks and hit the road by 930 am.

When we arrived at the Pumpkin Patch, we were kind of surprised there weren’t many cars in the parking lot. We saw a few people standing at the gates where you enter, so we parked and started unloading. As soon as I opened the back of the car to get the stroller out, one of the people standing in line yelled over that they were closed and didn’t open until 4pm. I wish I could have caught the look on Ashley’s face. She was devastated. She already had Scarlett out of the car, I had the stroller unloaded, and the other 3 girls were hollering to get their turn getting out of the car. We were officially bummed as we were so excited to finally do a pumpkin path with the girls.

Im going to cut the story a little short to get to the good stuff. We discussed options, and decided to walk next door the Dinosaur Museum. Long story short, the girls hated it, cried the entire 10 minutes we were in there, so we left. We then walked next door to the Animal Farm, which is more toddler friendly. Unfortunately the quad stroller wouldn’t fit through the door. The attendant said we could walk down the street, around the back alley, up the dirt road, and circle back in to the back of the park. Ashley and I looked at each other and we both knew that wasn’t happening. That was 3 strikes! Our day of fun had become a total failure, and the girls were letting us know just how disappointed they were. In that moment, Ashley’s mom instincts kicked in, and she started B-lining it back to the pumpkin patch. I already knew what the next plan was. We were going to the pumpkin patch, closed or not.

Luckily for us, the gate was open which led to a playground of sorts, and  a big pile of Pumpkins. We just pushed the stroller on back, and let the kids go free. I’ve never seen so much excitement on their little faces! What was looking to be a gloomy disappointment of a day just turned into a bright spot very quickly!

We came upon a giant chair, and Ashley knew she had to get a pic of all the girls up on it. After about 10minutes of corralling the girls, we finally got them up there to pose for a pic. It was perfect!

We let them back down and they were off and running again! We both grabbed our cameras and started taking pictures and videos, although it was hard to keep up with their pace! They were all running so fast and so excitedly, we were just trying to catch any bit of emotion we could so we could remember this moment.

They loved the scarecrows all placed around the park, and Esme especially loved the tractors!

We got Indie up on the horse saddle, although I don’t think she loved it very much!

Mom got in on the action and was helping the girls on the slide and climbing on the toys. I think she was having as much fun as them!

Even Dad got in on the fun!

They all loved the pumpkins all over as they each tried to lift and carry their favorites. 

The only time they cried was when we picked them up and forced a family picture out of them. Luckily, there was another mom there enjoying the empty park as we were. This picture tells it all. They were not done playing yet!

We let them roam the park for about an hour, when we decided it was time to hustle back home to get lunch and get their nap in. They did not agree with this decision.

At the end of the day, through the ups and downs, we probably had one of the best days we’ve had  in  awhile with the girls, which just goes to show you don’t give up on things! Our day didn’t turn out to be what we planned, but it turned out better and we enjoyed every second of it! I know the girls did too!


Check out the vlog of this from yesterday! Poor Indie has a little accident that is so funny!


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