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The Things You Miss When You’re Away From Home

Vacations are always needed and business pays the bills, so we all know that we cant live in our comfort zone permanently! But while we were away on this trip, I took the opportunity to think about all the things I missed from back home, and here is just a short list of them and why. Let me know your thoughts on this list and what you miss when being away! Lets compare notes!

  1. Family- I usually miss my kiddos as soon as I step out the door, especially if one of them is crying for me just as Evie did on this last trip. I never want them to be sad or miss me, but I realize that is part of life, and we all have to experience those feelings, even as moms and dads. I miss being around my children so much though. They have such an unconditional love for their parents at this age of life. It truly is remarkable to watch them interact and show us their emotions as they handle situations and relationships. I love how much love they are filled with, and how they share it willingly with us. I love their enthusiasm for life and determination to explore more than they did yesterday. Being around my children daily always inspires me to be better and reach for more. Don’t get me wrong, vacations and alone time with my wife are excellent, but we’re talking about what we miss, so lets stay on track! LOL
  2. The Mountains/My Surroundings- Do you ever go somewhere new and get lost within the first minute. Its the worst. I think we are kind of spoiled in Utah as we mountains around us to always guide our direction. When we went to Texas years ago, there was no way I was confident in north or south! LOL. Its always fun to explore new places and appreciate the culture, but coming home to familiarity is always my favorite thing after family. Its just nice to know where I’m at and what’s around the corner. I always feel the safest coming home!
  3.  Routine- Now some people will disagree with me on this, and that’s ok. Ashley is one of them. But I love coming home and getting back on the saddle and doing what I do. Vacations are always great and full of memories made, but sometimes I find myself looking at the calendar wondering how many days left til we go home, or in the girls case “how many sleeps!” This absolutely drives Ash nuts as she thinks I never really enjoy fully the situation. She’s probably right, but I cant deny that I like my daily routine, my Fiiz drink, knowing Nanny Ash will be here at 8am, or that one of my brothers will walk through the door any given night.
  4.  Food- Traveling is so exciting when it comes to food because you get to try so many different things. Most of the time we always find something new that we absolutely love! This trip, it was the seafood that was just incredible! Everywhere we went, we had some dish that was seafood. That being said, by the end of the trip, I just wanted to some greasy nachos from back home. LOL We all have our comfort foods, and as much as we love trying new things, I’m usually ok with going back home to our recipes or local restaurants. I remember growing up my grandfather hated to eat out. They would have home cooked meals almost every day. I thought that was just crazy! As I get a little older though, I start to appreciate a little more fully the convenience and taste of what we like. We find it and we stick with it! LOL. Again, im interested in your opinions on this one specifically!

Let me know your thoughts on this blog! Planning on a heave blog month for February! Get ready!

To come: Personality updates, Recipes, Q&A’s, Picture Blogs, and much more!